Kid Genius

Kid Genius


Instrumental group fusing rock with various other styles of music to create tasteful, powerful original compositions for use in movies, commercials and video game soundtracks.


Formed in 2003 in Lafayette, Indiana under the premise that music can tell a story without words, the musicians of Kid Genius allow their talent and passion to speak for them through their respective instruments.

Inspired by such prolific acts as Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai, Rush, Kansas and Joe Satriani, the band combines the energy and intensity of these groups with the intricate and soulful tones of jazz, world, ambient and funk music to create unique compositions with a fresh perspective and a funky, far out flavor.



Written By: Kid Genius

...We don't need no stinkin' lyrics!!


Kid Genius EP Version 2.0
"Pigpen's Paradox"
"Moby Hicks"

Set List

Includes cover songs and medleys from Rush, Joe Satriani, Led Zeppelin, Gary Hoey, and other established acts. Typically a two-hour set with individual solos as other band members take a break.
"Immigrant Song" - Led Zeppelin
"Pigpen's Paradox" - Kid Genius
"Kabul" - Kid Genius
"Ceremony" - Joe Satriani
"Phoenix" - Kid Genius
"Hocus Pocus" - Gary Hoey
"Echo" - Joe Satriani
"Day Tripper" - Beatles
"Voodoo Chile" - Jimi Hendrix
"Mean Street" - Van Halen
"Sunshine of Your Love" - Cream
"Cliffs of Dover" - Eric Johnson
"Pipeline" - The Ventures
"Highway Star" - Deep Purple
"Vehicle" - Ides of March
"Baba O'Reily" - The Who
"Gimme Some Lovin" - Spencer Davis Group
"Dinosaur" - Kid Genius
"Paradigm Shift" - Liquid Tension Experiment
"Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter Group
"Amped" - Kid Genius
"Stressfest" - Steve Morse
"Freeway Jam" - Jeff Beck
"Country House Shuffle" - Dixie Dregs
...and more...