Kid Kreation

Kid Kreation

BandChristianHip Hop

It is the kind of music that when the young kids here it they think its just rap but when they here it close they here Jesus name and about all the wonderful things he have done. My music realy encourage people to go on, ecspeacialy the youth.


I used to rap for the devil he had my mind trick but when I got into a car wreck(which I wrote a song about) I turned my life around, because the devil looked in my future to see how i was going to be an affect in building Gods kingdom, he tryed to put me to sleep while i was driving, and tryed to take my life but God said NO! Every sense then Ive been living for God, at the age of 19, and i know i can make it. Artist like J moss, Canton Jones, Da truth, Kirk Franklin.and Lacrea and other many artist inspire me to write music. what set me apart from other bands is that when ever i write I put my all in it because im doing it for God, and i realy love him and disire to live my life completely for him. And one day i would be able to work with my inspiring artist.


I realsed a promotional Cd called Who Am I. and two songs off of the album did get air play, and they were Oh Magnify him, and What can I do, I sold some Cds and performed at a lot of churches, and events.

Set List

Who Am I
Oh Magnify him
Cant Tell it All
What can I do

These songs ar about 3-4 minutes long