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"Kid Lucky"

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In August of 2002, BeatBoxer Entertainment (BBE) and its founder and Creative Director, Kid Lucky made its mark in history, instituting the first ever human beat boxing production company.


Beatboxer Entertainment Company Bio

Founded in order to create better opportunities and recognition for human beatboxers, Beatboxer Entertainment continues to build the nations 1st human beatboxing production company. We produce event s that celebrate and promote the diversity of human beatboxing in urban dance culture. We also provide content to companies all over the world looking for human beatboxers.

Since its founding in August 2002 by Terry “Kid Lucky” Lewis, Beatboxer Entertainment has been highly acclaimed for its musical productions. BBE is the 1st production company to ever be about and for human beatboxing.

BBE has quickly become a household name in the American culture by producing live performances and providing content for major companies such as Verizon Communications, Google, Skype, Samson Technologies, Edirol, MTV, Fuse TV, Pepsi, McDonalds, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Gen Art and many more. BBE has a network of beatboxers that include powerhouse names such as Scratch, Rahzel, Butterscotch, Click Da Supa Latin, Doug E Fresh, Baba Israel and many more across the USA and Canada.

BBE is pushing the boundaries by raising awareness about a movement that is growing all over the world. If you’re a promoter, company, or organizer and you’re looking for someone to produce your event, build brand awareness, or provide entertainment with affordable, reliable, and exciting beatboxers… look no further. Visit www.beatboxerent.net.

“Kid Lucky is doing something I wish I would have thought of”!
-Doug E Fresh

BBE Recent Production Credits

• 11/2007 Kid Lucky and Beatbox Entertainment is added to the roster of performers for one of the Hottest A-List clubs In New York “The Box”! You can see them there every week Tuesday-Saturday.

• 6/2007 Kid Lucky and Beatboxer Entertainment Headlines and produces entertainment for the 5th annual I-Star Charity Event at Madison Square Garden.

• 4/07 Kid Lucky provides script consultation and sound recordings for a new upcoming Independent film called “Batbox/Beatbox” one hand the natural habitats of various bat species, and on the other the urban environment depicted through the subculture of beatboxing and b-boys and b-girls.

• 3/07 Kid Lucky provides consultation for an upcoming feature film called “The Doorman about a music artist trying to make it big as a Beatboxer starring "David Banner"

• 7/06 Helped produce the launch party for the Verizon Broadband “Beatbox Mixer” www.beatboxmixer.com

• 5/06 Provided casting and content for the Verizon online “Beatbox Mixer” www.beatboxmixer.com

• 3/06 Provided content as the key character to “Google” for an online commercial.

• 4/06 Provided content as the key character to Skype for a documentary and online commercial.

• 4/06 Provided casting and production for Pepsi commercial featuring “Rahzel”

• 3/06 Started the production of the acclaimed “Subway Series” in the back of New York City subway cars.

• 1/06 Produced trade show for Samson Technologies at the NAMM 2006 tradeshow. NAMM is the world’s largest trade organization for retailers and manufacturers that sell and manufacture musical products.

• 12/05 Provided content for Hennesey and Converse for their event “ A Tribute to Hip Hop”.

• 11/05 Provided content for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center “Planet Hip Hop”

• 10/05 Co-Produced the short film “Beatbox Family” which aired on MTV Japan

• 6/05 Music supervisor and producer for Samson Technologies at the “Remix Hotel” that featured 7 beatboxers as well as grammy award winner producer Hank Shocklee