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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The act that really won the spirit stick..."

Insomkneeack's... re-opened above the Broadmoor Theatre after a 10-year hiatus with a bang this Saturday -- indoor and outdoor stages, food vendors, nary an incident and a full parking lot along with a lot of local bands I hadn't seen before... However, the act that really won the spirit stick was Kid Midi. Imagine trying to get from Meat Loaf to the Human League via Judas Priest. It was hard to tell if this act was a half-joking or half-serious, launching into a vehement reading of Technotronic's Pump up the Jam at one point, but Kid Midi is all awesome in my book...

Alex V. Cook - - March 11, 2008 -

"Kid Midi is a firecracker..."

Kid Midi is a firecracker... They rocked the Dragon's Den with the energy worthy of a stadium show. The lead singer threw his hair everywhere, and sang in a sort of 80's pop style that fit the tracks perfectly. The rhythm section was a laptop computer, which the lead singer operated to begin and end the tracks. The guitarist played jagged sixteenth note rhythms that complemented the tracks well. The lead singer wildly jumped around the stage falling to his knees, getting up and falling over on his back, psychotically whispering into the microphone. All in all it was a crazed performance that I couldn't help but love.

Kevin O'Day - - June 10, 2008 -


Procrastinate (ep) - September 2007
Tu Leche Con Quik (demo) - March 2008

Kid Midi has two songs on a Playground Records compilation due out soon.

The "Tu Leche Con Quik" demo has been getting airplay on college radio staions through out Louisiana as well as some local online radio stations.



Kid Midi is Bale + friends.

Kid Midi was created out of Lafayette, Louisiana by two people under the alias' Bale (aka Barron Tengu) and Big Pill (aka Dead Postcard). Bale and Big met threw a local band they were a part of. Later, after departing from the band, they each spent a few years doing solo electronic music. They then reunited and desided to start the project Kid Midi aiming to play a new breed of music and travel every where possible. Soon after starting the project, Kid Midi had many gigs all over south Louisiana, and became part of the indie UK based online label, Playground Records. Kid Midi's future plans are to never stop growing, and to always challenge themselves.

Some of Kid Midi's influences include Daft Punk, the Prodigy, Chromeo, the Streets, Bloc Party, Dir En Grey, Cameo, Faith No More, and many many more.

The Kid Midi live show is always intense and incredibly energetic. The entire venue becomes their stage and the audience their members. Kid Midi treats their fans as their bosses and will always aim to give them their time and money's worth.