KiD Named Breezy

KiD Named Breezy

 Alexandria, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

In the world of the abstract, their realms a kid built from vintage perspectives. Building music made for a canvas with strokes of lyrical genius and fillers of timelessness of which he calls "The Dope". "Changing the way music is perceived," explains Kid, is exactly what he plans to do.


In Hip-Hop, paying it forward is about continuing a legacy of musicianship that represents an authentic voice of the people; and for Virginia bred emcee, Kid Named Breezy, whose mantra is “bring the abstract to life” that is precisely what he intends to do. Young Bradley Hunt was raised in the small city of Alexandria Va. At the age of 14 months, he suffered the tragic loss of his mother at the hands of a drunk driver. Raised by his father, a self made entrepreneur, Kid remembers those early lean years with his father as playing an intricate role in formulating his love for music. Long car rides listening to his dad’s live band CD’s and then favorite rapper, Will Smith, planted the seeds that would grow into a skilled passion.

At the age of 11 Kid discovered his gift of poetry. His capacity to marry words and emotions caught the eye of an author who wanted to publish the writings of the young scribe in a book, but the Kid thought nothing of it. By the age of 15 his love of words had transcended to music and he began writing songs.

As a student and adherent of all genres of music, his consciousness was touched as he began to find his own voice by learning from the essence of those he admires like: Tupac, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, The Fresh Prince Will Smith, and Outkast. “I don’t feel like a lot of the records that are out now can be considered what’s fundamentally known as music” Kid explains “I want the message in my music to far out live my physical life.”

His debut mixtape, Snap Back With a Life Full, features appearances by Pusha T and Black Cobain. "Pusha T showed me love and it's big to have a vet like him working with me on my project." His recently released mixtape '93' seemed to catch a lot of attention stemming from his video for "Tonight's The Night" guest starring Redman, in an ode to his classic record. As Kid prepares for his next projects, he plans to continually change the way music is received.

When it comes to his music, Kid wants to leave the listener with a feeling and something to think about so he makes the conscious decision to remain reflective and relevant without sounding preachy. “ I make art and enjoy myself doing it. Those two elements allow the music to become timeless. If people can enjoy me enjoying music than we have allowed the circle of abstract music to run its course!"


“Snapback With A Life Full” Release Date: 2011
"93" Release Date: November 17th, 2012
"The Abstract Tilt" Release Date: TBA