kid:nap:kin is an experimental explosion of rock and indie music from Boston. They combine classic rock with hardcore underlyings of vocal screaming and dead-on harmonies.


Formed in October 2004, members Daniel (lead vocals, guitar), former member Adam (bass, vocals), Patrick (drums, vocals) and former member Austin Jenkins (guitar, vocals) set out to create a style of music without boundaries or limitations. Pooling limited resources and minuscule funds, the group recorded their debut album (originally titled Guerrilla EP) The Frames EP. The original name was derived from the do-it-your-self methods the band undertook; recording all instrumental tracks in a rehearsal space with bassist Adam's laptop, the band was limited to 3 microphones for the drums. After the initial recording, the guys moved to friend Matt Dyson's bedroom for vocals and the mixing process. Individual tracks of the EP are placed in a specific order in that all of the songs are bound by a common fictional individual, but it is not the band's intention for Frames to be a "concept" album. It should instead be viewed as a social commentary of modern society. Decadent lifestyle, moral values and the difficulty of Choice are central ideas as our character lives, dies and descends into hellish afterlife.
In 2005, bassist Adam had to make the difficult choice to move back home to Canada. Since then kid:nap:kin has been continuously searching for a replacement bass player. The new lineup with Jamilla as bassist is still in negotiation but Daniel and Patrick are hopefull that she will not be a fill-in but a permenant replacement for Adam.


(Lovely Day For A) Parade

Written By: Daniel Ellis

I'll hide in case these flailing arms and blood lined scars give eyes a raise.
A souvenir, lift up and off, mute sounds of love, and amputate
Overcome with pain, serrated, drawn and baited softer.

Crawl over the seated king and others until someone will cover their faces when they hear your fearless parade come and crash down before the tears reach your face.

Bring hands to touch, caress you here, it's better than the underlying
Call out to hear the echoes of an empty touch, now underlined
Overcame, fooled and taken, choked and falling out

If words can tell me all I need to know about you then I'll cut off the face of reason and cover you here
Crashed down before the tears reach your lips

I, Mantiklos

Written By: kid:nap:kin

Cover up, you need my advice
It's so cold without the likes of me around
Cocaine, has nothing on me
Praised by myself, I've got what you need

Come down, please, we'll help you off your (stand) stand by me

Left alone where nothing could survive
Agreeable provisions left from motherhood behind
They'll hold me up, identified, bring hands around to help me try
Worship me in time you'll find we're better off together

Check your pulse, they're differenet than we are
It must be cold when you can't see like me
Call it hate, won't you please feign beauty
Attempting to assimilate, you're locked out now, thrown on your knees

The hammer stroke leaves on life lost, but I'm still laughing
Reject before rejection holds my new found fear
What will we get from subtle lies bereft of aptitude for fresh martyrdom, reeled in as a puppet would
To fight is blind, you're souless, black, but aren't we devine?

Soap box level with one thought, fight against this, against us
Crease the line up with four wall to encase us, encase us.


The Frames EP was put on in late 2004
Songs from this EP can be streamed at , , or at

Set List

Set Lists vary from stage to stage and also depend on length of time on stage but here is a general rundown of the set list.
One Frame
I. Mantiklos
The Hush
To Be Titled
Invalid Teratoma