Kid Panzer

Kid Panzer

 Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, USA

The best rock and roll to come out in a very long time. Fusing classic rock with modern rock, Kid Panzer brings back the heart and soul into music.


We are a three piece that has been playing rock and roll together for a few years. This is our passion. The band is formed for 2/3 of the Memphis band Ivory White. The third member has been writing and playing elsewhere until we joined forces in 2009. With big dreams to get out of Arkansas and have people listen to the music we love to create, we have set out to carve a spot in rock and roll, and KP is surely going to realize that very goal.


The Kid Panzer EP

Set List

We do 45 minute sets with an occasional cover. The cover is usually a lost classic rock track that we're trying to bring back to life.