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Shelbyville, IN | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Shelbyville, IN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Junior Mitch Brown, a.k.a. Kid Quill, Performs at Indy's WARMfest This Weekend"

Mitchell Quilleon Brown, a performing artist known as Kid Quill and a junior at DePauw University, will perform Sunday as part of WARMfest 2014 in Indianapolis' Broad Ripple Park. The four-day event will also feature performances by a wide range of acts, including Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Guided by Voices, Of Montreal, Sebadoh and Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

In a preview of upcoming concerts, the weekly newspaper NUVO notes, "This DePauw youngster's a bit of an accidental success, by his own admission. But he embraced his viral success wholeheartedly, and has hustled ever since, securing opening slots for Riff Raff and SoMo."

Kid Quill's debut album, Ear to Ear, charted on the iTunes national hip hop album chart this summer, climbing as high as #34. He is a communications major and Information Technology Associate and played two years on DePauw's men's soccer team. - DePauw University

"Kid Quill at The Irving Tonight"

Balancing school, athletics and other extra curricular activities can be stressful for any college student, but on top of juggling all of that this past spring, Mitch Brown, or Kid Quill also managed to create an album. The 20-year-old attended class at DePauw University during the day, and then opened for hip-hop artists like SoMo at night. He’s made his way out of small town Shelbyville, Ind. and onto stages in St. Louis and Chicago -- and onto the top of the iTunes charts. Last month Kid Quill officially released his current album, Ear to Ear, and within a day it landed a spot on the iTunes hip-hop Top 40 albums list. The compilation of songs explain the struggles of growing up, finding a place in the world and falling in love. Up top, "Feelings" takes fans through the various emotions of a 20-something-year-old chasing success. And by the end, "All Right" addresses all of the people that ever doubted Quill's quest for success. Ear to Ear is a musical story, and it's laced with witty lyrics and infectious feel-good vibes.

Before his performance at Irving Theater alongside rappers Mike Stud and IamG, I talked to Kid Quill about his new album and ability to balance two very different lifestyles. Check it out!

NUVO: Where did the name Kid Quill come from?

Kid Quill: Kid Quill came from my middle name; it's a double entendre. My middle name is Quilleon, and so I kind of just wanted to take that and make it personal. The "kid" came from when I started making music. I was a camp counselor and so I kind of wanted to put the "kid" in front just to capture that moment of my life.

NUVO: What inspired you to pursue your interest in music?

Kid Quill: It started off as a joke. My friends and I were just kind of messing around one time in my basement and they took a video of me. We woke up the next morning and it had 700 views, but we had no idea who viewed it or anything like that. They just pushed me to start my own career, so I cheaply recorded a mix tape. And then from there it's just progressed and progressed and started to take off.

NUVO: How do you manage to balance school, sports and your music all at once?

Kid Quill: It was super hectic making the album. I had to book around so many different events and games and stuff like that. But, I think the best answer to that is time management. I really had to manage my time and there were some nights where I'd have a show in Louisville and I'd have to come back to school and have class at 8:20 the next day. There were a lot of all-nighters and I had to make a lot of commitments, but I've decided to step away from soccer in the fall. I'll have more time to focus on music and I'll have more time to focus on school so it will get a little easier.

NUVO: Do you intend to put more focus on school or would you like to further pursing your music as more of a career?

Kid Quill: As of now music is just a hobby. What I really plan to do is get my degree and take a year off and maybe do music to see what happens. And then I plan on going to law school to pursue entertainment law.

NUVO: Some fans say that you remind them of Mac Miller; how do you set yourself apart from other hip-hop artists?

Kid Quill: At first I set out with this idea where I just really wanted to be different, but then as I started making my record I realized that being myself will make me different. Instead of honing in on trying to do things other people weren't doing, I kind of just started thinking, "You know, why don't I just do what I want to do?" I think that has kind of helped me set myself apart.

NUVO: What artists or bands influence you the most?

Kid Quill: I'm a big Jackson 5 fan; I listen to a lot of them. Other hip-hop artists that I'm inspired by are Chance The Rapper and Jon Bellion, but my favorite artist is probably Big Sean. And then Chitty Bang also inspires me.

NUVO: I saw that you had the opportunity to open for SoMo back in April and then Riff Raff in May, what was that like?

Kid Quill: Riff Raff was quite the adventurer. It was hard going from SoMo, where there was a crowd of a bunch of girls, and then to Riff Raff. When I opened for him, no offense to St. Louis, there were some freaks there. I took a video of a guy that was literally in the corner by himself just dancing crazy. It was a complete change of pace, but they were both fun. SoMo was very good live, and with Riff Raff I think I just learned about the life of a super star. I just got to watch how he handled himself.

NUVO: Ear to Ear made it to the top 40 on iTunes hip-hop the day it was released. When did you realize that and what was that moment like?

Kid Quill: I was at work and my dad sent a group text between my family and I and it showed the album at 101, right above Biggie, who's also one of my favorite artists. And we were just kind of joking like, "Hey, we actually made it on the charts!" Then throughout the day my dad would say, "Hey, it's really moving up" or "It's at 80 now." And I just thought, "Wow, this is crazy, I didn't think it would chart." After that I started keeping up with it and then all of a sudden I kept looking and it was getting close to the top 50. Then I went to the pool with the day camp, so I didn't have my phone around, and when I snuck to the bathroom and looked and it was at 36, and I was just like, "Wow." It peaked at 34.

NUVO: Which track off of Ear to Ear is your favorite?

Kid Quill: That's hard; if I had to pick I'd probably go with "Feelings," the second song behind the "Intro." We had a lot of fun making that one. We had a guy come in and play guitar on it and we added a bunch of different cool things like little voices behind the chorus. It was just the little things that make it special to me.

NUVO: Do you see your sound changing as you continue to produce music?

Kid Quill: There are a couple things that I do still want to experiment with. I do want to try to do some other things like work with some other artists and see how they can evolve my sound if we got on the same song together. As of now, I think I've found a sound that I like for myself and so I don't think it's going to change too much, but I think it will definitely have a few quirks here and there that will change.

NUVO: What projects are you currently working on and what can fans expect to see from you in the future?

Kid Quill: Right now we're just building a catalog of music. We're going to try to put a lot of music together, but I'm not sure what the next project is. Personally, I think that the music is just going to keep getting better. I think that Ear to Ear was a good start to kind of show people that this is for real and I think that the next project or the next couple songs will make people think, "Wow." - NUVO

"Kid Quill Grinning from Ear to Ear"

All the big games on the pitch for Mitch Brown never carried quite the same energy as stepping on stage as Kid Quill.

“The adrenaline rush during a concert in front of a lively crowd–I never experienced that feeling in soccer, even when we went to the NCAA Tournament (in 2012),” said Brown, the Shelbyville grad who’s stepped away from soccer at DePauw to focus his attention on Kid Quill, his hip-hop alter ego.

For something that started as a joke, Kid Quill’s got some traction in the rap game. His album “Ear to Ear” reached No. 34 on the iTunes rap albums chart.

“A friend took a video of me rapping in my car when I was in high school, and posted it on YouTube as a joke,” Brown wrote in an email interview. “The video got several views and people encouraged me to give it a serious try.

“It has grown from there and I’m getting more comfortable being myself with my music.”

Brown said he was “shocked” when his album charted as high as it did. While he’s still at DePauw preparing for law school and a career in the music industry, “I’m going to give my music more attention for the next few years,” he said.

Brown can’t pick just one song that best exemplifies his style, because he says he’s still learning his style.

“I tend to write music that is true to my mood and life experience,” he wrote. “For this album, I picked upbeat songs because I was really happy over the last year.”

Happy and busy.

“Balancing school, soccer, work and music was really tough last year,” Brown wrote. “This spring, I would leave after class in the afternoon, do a show in Illinois and Kentucky, and I would get home around 4 a.m. and have class at 8:20 a.m.

“The soccer coach and my teammates have been really supportive, but there is really no way to do both going forward, so I have decided to step away from soccer.”

While Brown said he can see himself “jumping in a van and touring in the summer of 2016” after graduating from DePauw, he’s sticking to shows in surrounding states right now. He was to perform Saturday night at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, and he’ll be performing with Mike Stud on Wednesday night at the Irving Theater, 5505 E. Washington St., Indianapolis.

He’s also scheduled to open for Tayyib Ali on Aug. 28 in Bloomington and Aug. 30 in Champaign, Ill.

As for his stage name, it’s a double meaning for Brown, stemming from his middle name, Quilleon, and his love of writing.

“The double entendre with a quill pen is intended. I really enjoy the process of writing songs,” he said.

“Ear to Ear” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play and can be streamed through Spotify and Rhapsody. CDs can also be purchased at The Vibe, 2511 E. SR 44, Shelbyville. - The Shelbyville News

"Exclusive Q & A With Kid Quill by Kara Jackson"

Kid Quill’s album, “Ear To Ear,” dropped yesterday and landed in iTune’s Top 40 Hip-Hop Albums chart.

He’s come a long way, from the small town of Shelbyville, Ind. to become an aspiring rap artist opening for big name acts such as Jake Miller, Somo, Mike Stud and Huey Mack. When Kid Quill isn’t on stage, you can find him leading his alternate life as Mitch Brown. Mitch is a rising junior at DePauw University, former Division III athlete and a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Even with all of the anticipation and excitement that comes with releasing a new album, he still had time for a phone interview to talk about his life as a college student and professional artist.

How do you balance being in school and keeping up with your music career?
KQ: It’s pretty tough. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights. For example, one night I played a show with Somo in Louisville and had to drive back that night to Greencastle and go to my 8:20 a.m. class. I just have to really stay ahead, use time management and make some sacrifices. There will be some days or nights when everyone is out partying and I just have to say, no. It’s all worth it in the end, though.

What’s your writing process like?
KQ: My favorite way to write is to go into the studio with my producer [Travis “Kold Kut” Moore], and we create a song together. He starts creating the music and I start creating content and coming up with the lyrics. Eventually, it all comes together. It’s just one big process. So, if I’m making time to go into the studio I have to have a game plan going in so I can get in and out and be as efficient as possible. During winter term is when I wrote and made most of my best music for the “Ear To Ear” album, because I had more time on my hands.

Does being at school stifle some of your musical creativity?
KQ: I have to say, it does. I’m just so busy during the school year. It’s hard because during finals week I had this super cool concept for a song and I just couldn’t take time out to write it because I was busy studying my butt off for finals. After finals were over, it was hard to get the concept back as strong as it was when it came to me.

Do you feel like being associated with Greek life helps your music? KQ: Absolutely, it’s like a little support system. When I had my first big show a bunch of them came out to watch and support me. It also helps because once everyone goes home from DePauw we are all from different states and cities and the music can filter out through people showing their friends back home.

Do you play any instruments?
KQ: I actually just went and bought a keyboard at a garage sale that I’m going to try and learn to play. It’s on my to-do list this summer.

Has there ever been a moment when you felt famous?
KQ: Yeah, kind of – when I opened for Somo. The crowd was mostly all girls and as soon as I walked out on stage they all started screaming, which doesn’t usually happen. At first it was overwhelming but then the more energy the crowd gave me the more energy I had to give. I’m still adjusting to signing autographs, too. The first time it happened, I was caught off guard and signed Mitch Brown instead of Kid Quill.

What do you take when you go on the road?
KQ: It’s literally just my manager, my show DJ and me. We hop into his Mazda with our merch table and a change of clothes in the trunk. We’ve never stayed in any of the cities I perform in because we always drive back to school that night after the show.

What’s your craziest fan story?
KQ: One time we were driving back after the Champagne show. We had given some fans our business cards that have all of our social media outlets on it and a cell number to book us for shows. Well, this girl thought that phone number was my number and she started blowing up that phone asking if I was still in Champagne and if I wanted to hang out. She sent us this weird picture of her in a Kid Quill shirt sticking her tongue out and we had to contact her to tell her to stop texting my manager.

What are you listening to on your iPod right now?
KQ: Right now I’m into some more underground artists like Jon Bellion and Tory Lanez. I also listen to a lot of Chance the Rapper, Hoodie Allen, Mike Stud, and G Eazy.

What’s your biggest inspiration?
KQ: The biggest inspiration to me is just real life. It’s the daily encounters with people and experiences everyone goes through that inspire me to write my music. I think also the humbling things that happen to me and the experiences that I have on the road when I do my shows inspire me to keep writing.

Now that Mitch has elected to end his collegiate soccer career and concentrate on school and music, stay tuned for more show dates this fall. Kid Quill’s album, “Ear to Ear,” is now available on iTunes. Check out his website and follow him on social media. - Odyssey Online

"DePauw University Sophomore Breaks into Music as Kid Quill"

Producing music, saving lives, pleasing a fan base -- all while tackling finals -- is not something most college students have to balance.
This is, however, the daily life of sophomore Mitch Brown, also known as Kid Quill.
Kid Quill drops his first album in June and is promoting it by performing shows until its upcoming release.
His album, "Ear to Ear," is a reference to a big smile, but there is also a deeper meaning behind the name.
"My mom was a Theta at Butler, and those girls would ask a question and say 'ear to ear.' That meant the answer couldn't be a lie, no matter the circumstances," he said. "We used that phrase in my house growing up, so this album is me, 'ear to ear,' no false front. It's me being me."
Students can find the album on iTunes and Google Play once it is released. There will also be hard copies sold in local stores.
With work, soccer and his studies - he plans to go to law school but hopes to work in the music industry -- it was hard for Kid Quill to find time to record. He has been writing for more than a year, and started to record in the summer of 2013.
"I skipped traveling on spring break and recorded a lot during that week," said Kid Quill. "It's tedious because I'm pretty picky. I try to make sure I like every little part about the song."
Listeners sometimes peg Kid Quill's music as rap, but he disputes the label.
"Some of his songs are made for the party, and they go hard," said sophomore Michael Spier. "He knows how to kill a beat, but some of them get really introspective. His music is versatile."
A lot of Kid Quill's fans are also friends who have watched him throughout his journey as an artist. Aside from the beat, fans also connect with his music on an emotional level.
"As a college kid, it's really easy to relate to his music because he writes about his life," said sophomore Joe Haynes. "He pours his heart and soul into his music, and it shows."
With his growing popularity, both on and off campus, Kid Quill is always looking for people to critique his work.
"One time I told him I liked his music and I can see him going places, and I thought he was going to cry out of gratitude," said sophomore Libby Winkleman. "I'm impressed with how far he's come in just a year or so. Plus, the ladies love him."
Kid Quill said of all the tracks prepared for "Ear to Ear," there is one song he is particularly pleased with.
"There's a song called 'Timeline,' which layers different hip-hop verses from a variety of artists and tracks how hip-hop has changed over time," said Kid Quill. "It was the hardest to write, but it flows, so I am very proud of it."
Last year, only 11 people showed up to one of his shows. Wednesday night, he performed with SoMo for a sold-out crowd.
"No matter the size of the show, I give people the same energy and happiness," Kid Quill said. "Music is an escape for me. It draws emotion out of me, and I really tried to capture that in 'Ear to Ear.'"
One of Kid Quill's favorite parts about touring is the fan energy and getting to interact with them.
"I've played sports all my life, but there is nothing like the adrenaline from being on stage," said Kid Quill. "It's a fun part of my life, and I'm just living in the moment."
After one of his shows in the Midwest, Kid Quill met a fan who would change his career forever.
"After a show I usually sneak to the back so I can watch the rest of it without being noticed," said Kid Quill. "A fan approached me and said that my show saved her from her depression. It was incredible. It's the epitome of why I'm doing what I'm doing."
If it wasn't for a few of his friends who recorded a video of him rapping and uploaded it to YouTube, he wouldn't be releasing an album.
"I would constantly be rapping on the team bus or when I'm hanging out with my friends," said Kid Quill. "They told me I should make a mix tape, so I did."
The encouragement and support of his friends helped Kid Quill advance his skills.
"The man is a lyrical wizard," said Haynes. "Just when I think I have him figured out, he shows us a new side of him. He's like Bret Michaels mixed with Aristotle." - The DePauw

"Kid Quill, A WayUpHere Exclusive"

We recently had the opportunity to interview up and coming artist Kid Quill. With his latest mixtape First Cut and being featured on other artist's tracks, Quill has started to build up a solid fan base and looks to have a bright future ahead of him. His current arsenal of tunes features several musical styles ranging from hard-hitting hip hop tracks to upbeat, feel-good melodies, proving he has a diverse range of talent. The best is yet to come for Quill, so check out the interview below and show him some love on social media through the links to the left.

For the fans out there that aren't familiar, just give us a brief breakdown of who you are, where you're from, and how you got to where you are now.

My name is Mitch Brown, and I’m a sophomore student athlete at DePauw University. “Kid Quill” is a stage name based off of my middle name. I’ve always had an interest and love in music, and I decided to record a mixtape during my senior year in high school. It was well-received, and I’ve just continued to write, record and perform live shows since then. And it has really picked up since then. Its a blessing.

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a rap career?

I’m not sure if it’s going to develop into a career, but I enjoy it and love the interaction with fans at live shows and on social media. When fans reach out and let me know that my music brings a smile to their face, that is a great feeling. Those moments provide the motivation to keep writing. However, it would be a dream come true if I could do this as a living.

If you weren't rapping, what would be your dream job?

I’m still trying to figure that out. I have really enjoyed all my meetings with lawyers and professionals on the business side of music, so those jobs interest me.

Being from Indiana, what kind of obstacles do you encounter trying to get your music heard on a larger level?

In my first meeting with my producer, he mentioned that no one has really made it out of Indianapolis. I don’t know why that is. Right now, my whole team is from Indiana, so we’re just going to stay true to ourselves and keep grinding. I think we’re all typical Midwest people, so I think our music is easy to relate to. Never know what can happen.

What is your personal favorite song off your "First Cut" mixtape?

Each one has meaning for me, so I can’t pick a personal favorite. What I’ve really enjoyed is that fans have different favorites off of that mixtape. I think each song has been a personal favorite for someone out there, and it has been cool to receive those messages. My goal right now is to not have fillers on any mixtapes or projects. I may put stuff out online from time to time that is meant to be current and fun, but I want to put out quality records.

Dream collaboration?

Easy – Big Sean.

You've opened up for the likes of Jake Miller to D-Why. What did you learn from the experiences and was there any significant moment that stood out to you?

I have shows coming with D-Pryde and Huey Mack as well, along with some headline shows last spring. I learn something from each show, but mostly it’s understanding the type of experience you want to give to the fans that are there for that particular show. One thing in common is that all the performers I’ve met are very professional behind the scenes and serious about the shows. They may go absolutely nuts on stage, but it’s part of the live experience.

Any crazy fan stories?

Hahaha not too crazy – they do make it fun, though. I just hope they know how much I appreciate their support and feed off of their energy. If we are the team that makes it out of Indianapolis, it will be because of the fans.

Celebrity crush?

Hayden Panettiere or Ariana Grande.

Born Sinner, Yeezus or WMWTSO, GO!

All 3 have an impact on me – I would say I connect with Born Sinner the most because I like J. Cole and that album speaks to me. People say I look like Mac, so I’m always paying attention to his stuff and Watching Movies with the Sound Off shows his progression as a writer and performer. With Yeezus, I know some people don’t like it, but the more I listen, the more I’m intrigued.

Any guilty pleasure songs on your phone/computer?

I do like some pop punk stuff, so there is some of that on my phone or in my car: Sum 41, New Found Glory, Blink 182… and I’ll admit Taylor Swift is a great writer.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration when it comes to making music?

The biggest inspiration for me is just life in general.

What can fans expect from Kid Quill in the future and what are your specific plans?

I just recently made a change in the way I’m going to produce my music, so that is going to delay the release of my new music, which is for the better. I’m really excited about this new stuff and I hope my fan base can hang in there and be patient with me. I have about a dozen new songs that are in various stages of production. Some will go onto an EP, and we are going to push that release date out for a while and re-record and remix parts of those songs. Others I will release online over the next few months. I play a fall sport in college, so I’ve been busy training and focusing on that season, but we should have some new stuff coming out later this fall. I expect the EP will be out early in 2014, with more shows coming to support that release. I’ve also made progress on the website, and we expect that will come online in the near future. Things are moving fast right now, and I owe it all to my team and the fans that have continued to support me. 2014 could be a BIG year. -

"Kid Quill is Back on the Scene with a New Album"

By day he goes by ‘Mitch Brown’, but by night is better known by his stage name, ‘Kid Quill’. Coming on to the scene back in 2014, Quill took his dream and turned it into a reality. Dropping his first ever mix tape, First Cut, he caught the eye of the hip-hop industry and landed himself of stage with artists such as SoMo, Mike Stud, and Jake Miller. Following his opening act performances, his music career took off and one short year later, Quill released his first independent studio album, Ear to Ear.

The album gained a large following, helping it reach #34 of the ITunes Hip-Hop chart, “People reach out to tell me how my music has helped them, or gives them something to smile about and right now that means more to me than anything.” Quill stated about his musical accomplishments thus far.

From your every day student athlete transforming into a touring hip-hop artist, Kid Quill is proof that you can reach goals regardless of how high you set them. Music has defined and molded him into the person he is today, “I have learned a lot of life lessons that I don’t think I would have without music; things like self-belief, patience, and staying humble. Music also gave me a way to express myself and I’m finally just doing me.”

Kid Quill is now back in the studio with anticipation of the release of his next album, The Name Above the Title.

“I spent two years in the studio really trying to develop my sound and work on my craft; I’m hoping it shines through in the album. Regardless if it sells 200 or 200,000 copies, I am excited for people to hear my story.”

The Name Above the Title will feature his singles “Daily Routine” and “Downtime” that were both released earlier this year. “The album essentially tells my story. The music itself is mostly sample driven from 1970s and 80s records . . . the album is meant to have an old, nostalgic feel to it.” Now you’ll be able to hear for yourself tonight beginning at midnight on ITunes.

Following the release, Kid Quill is set to hit the road this coming November for a 12-city headlining tour. Keep a lookout for the announcement of stops, and until then, make sure to take a listen and show him some love! - GoodMusicAllDay


September, 2017, 94.3 The Reel (studio LP)

October, 2016, The Name Above the Title (studio LP)

June 17, 2014, Ear to Ear (studio LP)

February 15, 2013, First Cut (a mixtape)



Kid Quill's recent independent albums, 94.3 The Reel and The Name Above the Title, charted on Billboard and reached the top 10 on iTunes national hip-hop chart. Now a recent college graduate, the 23 year old looks to pursue music full time, building on his festival experience (NCAA, Common Ground) and concert experience.

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