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Kidricc James

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"K.I.D Whos got next?"

K.I.D is a bit of an eccentric. While not only is he lyrical and intelligent, he is also a bit of a R&B songwriter. His music is very distinctive and he has a unique voice all his own. - Streets Mos

"Black Market/ Spit Factory"

In the pioneer days of rap, when MCs made their bones not from records but from battling, and hip-hop heads could rattle off a ten-best list without once naming a signed artist, Fight Klub now boasts a few legends of its own. Though unknown to most anyone who relies strictly on TV and radio for their hip-hop fix, names like Nimz, Dayton, Axl, Smiley, K.I.D, Party Arty and Preacher ring bells and spark heated "who ate up who" debaes among the Fight Klub faithful. - America


First K.I.D from the South to win the Fight Klub battle on MTV2. Worked together with Paul Wall, 50 Twin, Slim Thug, Corey Mo, Bun B, Jokaman. - indielabel


Why do you think rap and prison are so closely intertwined?
The majority of rappers come out of the hood, and a lot of these rappers were drug dealers before they became rappers. Some of them still are drug dealers even though they're rapping. Rap is basically the art of storytelling, so a lot of times, its just rappers painting the picture of what theyve been through and telling their experiences. If you listen to my lyrics, of course I've gotta shine and stunt- I tend to become arrogant, its just natural as an artist- but I'm telling you a little bit about what i went through. I'm not glorifying it, but I just want you to know my story, so that maybe you won't have to go through the same thing. Maybe you'll hear something in what I'm saying and be like, man, the money from hustling sounds cool, but fuck the time that goes with it. - Ozone Magazine

"Patiently Waiting"

“I got a whuppin’ for having an Eazy E tape ‘cause it had cussin’ on it,” K.I.D. laughs, recalling his introduction to hip-hop. Born in Houston, he describes his upbringing as “the typical hood story.” With an absent father, his mother tried to keep him out of the streets and in the church – six nights a week. Still, he was intrigued when he started hearing records from EPMD, Bizmarkie, Doug E Fresh, the Geto Boys, and MC Lyte. Melding his religious background with a love for the game, K.I.D. developed his own style. “My music gives the perspective from both sides – there’s a spirituality which touches you, but it’s not preachy. I’ve been on the block too, so I could speak from a hustlin’ perspective.” He became a part of DSMC, a rap group described as the “Houston Wu-Tang.” While shopping their project, it became clear that the labels were more interested in him as a solo artist. A chance meeting at a Radio Shack between his producer and one of the CEOs of New York-based Hardkore Entertainment led to his record deal. A self-contained indie label, Hardkore has ties to RPM’s Rene McLean, who’s cosign on the project is beneficial. K.I.D.’s single, “How We Roll,” has already generated spins throughout Louisiana. Although he respects the Houston tradition of slowed down, screwed & chopped music, K.I.D. prefers to rip opponents in East coast battle arenas like Fight Klub. “With the exception of ‘Face and UGK, a lot of cats in the East wasn’t tryin’ to hear a Texas MC,” he says. “Now, they’re opening up their ears. No disrespect to anybody, but they still ain’t heard a Texas MC yet.” While there are many acronyms for K.I.D., perhaps it can be summed up in one: Kid Is Dangerous. – Julia Beverly, (Photo: Kayven Jahson) - Ozone Magazine


Purple Juice
The Warning
Free K.I.D
Full Metal Jacking
4 Da Streets
.......And I Mean This
Microwaves & Pyrex
Baking Soda Sold Seperately
The Reintroduction of Kidricc James

Featured on:
DJ Whoo Kids 'Get Rich or Die Trying'
DJ Whoo Kids 'I am What I am vol. 9'
DJ Sky Nellors 'Respect: The Missy Elliot Collection
Streets Mos' Magazine Mixtape vol



What do you get when you mix one part hustler, one part pimp, one part soldier, one part banger, one part rapper, one part eclectic songwriter,one part New York, and one hundred parts Houston? For some, such a combination may be mind boggling, but for Kidricc James, it is a description of the parts that make up himself. Yet, another prominent star emerges from the newest rap region on the come up. Hailing from Houston,Texas, the dark and mysterious Kidricc stands in a lane of his own.

He was the first rapper out of the south to win the Fight Klub Battle on MTV2. Mentioned in America magazine along with, Nimz, Dayton, Axl, Smiley, Party Arty & Preacher, stating who ate up who! Featured in 2 Ozone Mag segments, Streets Mos' (labeled as Houston's Man on Fire) & Houston's own Indie Label Magazine.He has performed at 2 of the Mixshow Power Summits and The Bayou Classic.

Raw, spontaneous, and uninhibited, Kidricc is spirited with the enthusiasm and drive of a rebellious, starting quarterback, ready to change all the plays to ensure a win in this rap game.Similar to the passionate character D Jay in Hustle & Flow, Kidricc James has the cadence of a frustrated star on the rise.