Kids and Chemicals

Kids and Chemicals

 Springfield, Missouri, USA

Brother-sister duo from the Midwest makes super catchy beat driven electropop with an amazing live performance.


With an electronic style atypical of southwest Missouri, brother-sister duo Elizabeth and Patrick Carney form Kids and Chemicals.

Drawing from a kaleidoscope of musical styles, Kids and Chemicals’ beat-driven tracks reference hip-hop, soul, IDM and jazz, but the result is unexpected: Patrick Carney’s production is dark and turbulent, and singer Elizabeth Carney possesses the voice to match. Whether howling through a flurry of hyper-edited pops and buzzes or harmonizing alongside vibrant synth melodies, her vocals are haunting and, at times, savage. The pair executes a distinctly memorable, high-energy stage presence that often features improvised editing and live visual effects.

Kids and Chemicals formed in early 2010 and released their first self-titled record in 2011. They are currently working on a new EP, which is set to be released in the spring of 2013.


Toxin EP
Kids and Chemicals
Forthcoming EP

Set List

Empty Eyes
Out of My Mind
Careless Whisper (cover)
Old Fashioned Morphine (cover)
Out the Window
Devil Girl
Bottle Fly
War Machine