Kids Choice

Kids Choice

 Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

Kids Choice plays harmony heavy, emotionally felt music. We span many genres and encourage all to take a listen. If you don't like one song then try another! We believe you'll be able to find at least one you love! We promote positivity and play for our audience so we hope you enjoy!


Cooper and Mike knew each other before college and began writing music together for fun. They thought nothing of it and didn't consider themselves a band. They both happened to go to Hampshire College in Amherst MA where they met Angus, an amazing musician and writer. They immediately started playing music together and hit it off! Within 14 days of knowing each other they had recorded their first song "Oil and Vinegar" and formed the band "Kids Choice". A fun, easy going band that strives to create unique unclassifiable, yet comfortable music for listeners of all backgrounds. They've spent the last year working together, writing songs, and playing shows. With a group this eager to please, it's hard to believe there's someone unwilling to give a listen. They proudly finished their first album in May called "Songs and Calls", and they hope you enjoy every bit you explore!


Songs and Calls