Kids Cryptic

Kids Cryptic

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Kids Cryptic consists of two brothers who have lived in a multitude of places (Memphis, Tennessee for the most part). Being described as "slope rock", the brothers have combined their garage and punk influences from the states, and added a Nordic spin.


Kids Cryptic is the result of a collaboration between two brothers, Daniel and Matthew Ford, via email, one residing in Berlin and the other in Brisbane. After living in a multitude of places, including Memphis, Tennessee for the majority of their high school years, the two have attempted to convey their collected garage influences into Kids Cryptic. The project commenced with a lazy garage punk feel, and has developed into a stumbling punk sound described as "slope rock" for it's fast build ups, abrupt descents, and nordic influences. Now based in Brisbane, the duo were featured on the Fat Cat Records Demo Page in 2012, and are preparing to release their debut Album in 2013 alongside a string of live shows.


Digital EP release 2011

1. Shore
2. Wake Up
3. Closer

Set List

Set list changes frequently, most last from 20-30 minutes.