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Kids Get Hit by Buses

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Stand Out from Sound Off!"

So Saturday night was the 3rd round of the SemiFinals for Sound OFF! The winner for the evening was SOL and the wild card slot went to Cyrus Fell Down. Both acts had pretty good performances. I however was disappointed in the outcome. I felt that Kids Get Hit by Buses had the best showing of the night. While their music is not something I could listen to over and over. I would go to see them live any day. Their stage presence is fantastic. It included choreographed dance numbers, matching costumes, A Dance Dance Revolution board, even a “who can text the lead singer the fastest contest� for the crowd. They had everyone in the place smiling and moving. There was a huge dance circle during their performance. Winning them the “Semifinals Audience Response Prize - KORG equipment�

While It sucks they won’t be in the finials I highly recommend catching one of their shows. I promise you will have fun. - Seattle Subsonic


[2009] Blue Screen of Death EP (coming soon)
[2007] Peach EP
[2006] dance_dance_dance
[2006] KGHB / Fighter X Split 7"
[2006] RE:K.G.H.B.

[2008] Chiptune Dance Comp
[2008] Little Bit or 2 Quick
[2007] Crunchy Records Compilation 2007
[2007] Songs Produced w/o the Intent to Sell Vol. 1

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Kids Get Hit by Buses (KGHB) is a two person electronica/pop group from Seattle that incorporates unique vocal styles and elements of chiptune (sounds produced through retro video game consoles). Inspired by video games and sci-fi, their music is highly dancable and full of energy and catchy lyrics. Their live performance is enhanced by extravagant costuming, various props, and witty stage antics. Utilizing a wide variety of hardware such as computers, keyboards, Nintendo Game Boys, NES, a vocoder, and even a theremin, KGHB has a truly unique sound unlike any other. Since their start in 2005, they have gained a solid fanbase by self-releasing multiple EPs and playing over 50 shows around the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and west-coast states. Recently, they participated in the EMP Sound Off! competition in Seattle, taking home the audience response award by successfully making every member in the crowd go wild and dance to the chiptune craze. KGHB makes it their goal to not just play great music, but to put on a fun and entertaining live show for fans and newcomers alike. They know how to entertain, and even electronica skeptics are blown away by their performances. Chiptune music is a new and quickly growing genre that attracts a wider audience every day and is complimented by the ever-expanding gaming culture. The cultivation of the chiptune scene in the northwest and much of its growth during the last few years can be attributed to KGHB and related artists. By incorporating full vocals and an array of synthesized sounds, KGHB wishes to bring this unconventional, yet highly intriguing style of music into the spotlight of the Pacific Northwest.

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