Kid Sid

Kid Sid

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kid Sid is an artist who doesn't allow himself to be placed in a box. He appeals to pop, rock and R&B fans with a unique style involving melodic synths, wailing guitars and smooth vocals. With each energetic show, Kid Sid seeks to inspire people to be themselves and go against the norm.


Kid Sid looks to capitalize on his talents with the release of his forthcoming EP entitled Rule the World. Rule the World showcases Kid Sid’s versatility as an artist as he breaks the line barriers of several music genres. With this EP release, Kid Sid hopes that he is able to inspire his audience to not be afraid to rule their own lives and be unapologetic for it.

Kid Sid, is a Chicago-bred pop singer and songwriter. In January 2010, Kid Sid released his first EP entitled, Intro to Kid Sid, which debuted the two hot singles and music videos, Pleasantville and Bring Me Down. The EP increased Kid Sid’s popularity and earned him a spotlight on Chicago’s popular radio station Power 92 as the city's next up and coming artist. His music also aired on several college radio stations.

Kid Sid has performed live at many premier venues in the Chicago area including The Automatic Lofts Fashion Show, The Galeria Night Club, Capitol Night Club, and The Redemption Theater. Between melodic synths, wailing guitars and smooth vocals, Kid Sid manages to craft a refreshing sound which harkens back to 80’s rock and pop greats such as Prince and Tears for Fears.


Intro to Kid Sid- EP
Pleasantville- Single (College radio Play)
Bring Me Down- Single (College radio Play)

Rule the World- EP (release date: May 31, 2011)

Set List

Rule the World
Bring me Down