Kid Sid

Kid Sid

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kid Sid is the definition of a well rounded music artist. His music is a fuse of three different music genres; Pop, RnB and Rock. He can do it all. From clever lyrics with animated vocals to creative production, its hard not to notice the talent that this singer possesses.


Growing up, Brandon Sidney, aka Kid Sid, always had a passion for music. He was exposed to music at a very young and was taught to have an appreciation for different genres of music. Kid Sid discovered his talent for singing at the young age of three and used his talents for plays, recitals, church and any other outlet that would allow him to expose his gift. The ability to write songs came naturally to Kid Sid who soon realized that he could turn a hobby into a career. After Kid Sid decided to establish himself as a professional artist, others soon recognized his true talent. As one of Chicago's top pop/rnb artists, Kid Sid was featured on Power 92.3 radio as Chicago's next up and coming artist to look out for in 2010.

Kid Sid isn't satisfied with just being an 'artist'. He wants to be more. He wants to revolutionize the industry through his powerful lyrics and overall passion for music. Sure, he grew up idolizing Prince, but he's not trying to be anyone but himself. Kid Sid doesn't wake up every morning saying I want to be 'X', rather he just wants to be Kid Sid, the born and bred product of the great city of Chicago.

The success he has already experienced during his so far short career as a singer should not go unnoticed. So far, he has only released one EP entitled "Intro to Kid Sid". Shortly after the EP hiting the streets of Chicago, the EP sold hundreds of copies seamlessly, with three of the five total songs getting radio play; "Pleasantville" , "Bring Me Down", and "Close to Me". "Close to Me" was featured on 92.3 Chicago (Power 99) and also opened the door for Kid Sid to do a live radio interview.

After gaining this amount of success from his first EP, Kid Sid joined forces with a fellow up and coming musician/music producer: Van Tran. Together, they are currently working on a second EP, entitled 'Badass', which will exemplify Kid Sid's true singing and writing style; dark but sexy. The first single, "Mr. Incredible", has already received notoriety around Chicago and it's neighboring communities. The song has been described as an anthem for men, such as how "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" by Beyonce is an anthem for ladies. The public can expect for Badass - EP to be released in September, 2010.



'Pleasantville' - Single
Intro to Kid Sid - EP


WPWX 92.3 Chicago - "Close to Me"

ITT Illinois College Radio - "Bring Me Down" & "Pleasantville"

Set List

'Badass' (Intro)
'Give Me What I Want'
'Billionaire' Travie Mccoy Cover Song
'Oh My'
'Dangerous Girl''
'Bring Me Down (Acoustic)'
'Mr. Incredible' - Single
'Please Misbehave'

Additional covers include any current Top 40 song.

Total set list 1-2 hours.