Kids Like Kings

Kids Like Kings

 Pleasanton, California, USA

Kids Like Kings is a band of focused and driven musicians.As much as we strive to honor the integrity of our creativity and build songs that represent our feelings and experiences, one of our biggest goals is to pump up shows with the authenticity of alternative rock as well as the energy of techno.


In 2008, current Kids Like Kings members Tyler Rhodes and Nick Lopez were rivals, as two very competitive musicians in two extremely competitive high school bands. Three years later, in 2011, the boys decided to put their skill and creativity first and their differences aside, initiating the founding of Kids Like Kings; a unique new music project built on the experiences and musical outpourings of the two artists.

In the first six months of forming the band's identity and experimenting in songwriting, Kids Like Kings acquired long-time friend and experienced drummer Kyle Baker, as well as singer Alexa Thompson. Inspired by the evolution of alternative and electronic music in the last decade, the band strives to carve out their own place in the eclectic west-coast music scene by songwriting in the genuine and artistic style of contemporary indie rock, while producing tracks that build and evolve with the energy and depth of electronica and synth-pop.


Shades of Grey

Written By: Kids Like Kings


First Verse

Can you hear me? ‘Cuz I don’t wana know
What you’re thinking, it’s out of my control

If there’s a truth to my sentimental heart I can’t see, for now,
That it’s always been that way.
My eye is set on the past but it was never the same, no,
Take what you want and let me go.


Did you ever find what you wanted to see in me.
Cuz I swear, we’re only two feet from the edge, and we’ll fall, like it’s a thousand stories.

-Ending at the same time – Read between the black lines – Never known the right time – I’m so terrified.

-I’ve already played this game – I won’t be the one to blame – I won’t take you’re breath away –

I’m skipping to the last page.

Second Verse

I can hear you, and I already know
What you’re keeping, locked inside you’re soul.

You’ve never had to do anything on your own, but now,
I’m just counting the steps until you go.

You’re tongue is tied by the web of lies that you hold,
So, take what you want and let me go.


2AM Chaser

Written By: Kids Like Kings

Verse 1

I will look back, and not regret anything I ever did because I loved every second of it.
Cuz you were, the one thing, that kept me holding on and holding strong through all the good times and the bad ones.
Like a pair of wings that kept me high and helped me fly even when I couldn’t bear to.
So if you’re thinking about leaving then girl you don’t got me believing because that smile in your eyes is something oh so deceiving. ?
Verse 2

And we will hold on to the memories we’ve been given cuz we know there’s something ‘bout them and when they’re gone we’re gonna miss them
We’re sitting and we’re talking and we’re smoking and we’re walking and we’re drinkin’ and we’re thinkin’ about the rest of our lives
The only thing that we know, is that we’re never gonna know what tomorrow brings
And the only thing that I know is one day you’ll all be told that I’m livin’ the dream.


Will you sit and watch the world go by with me ‘cause we don’t have a worry

Verse 3

And you will, keep close through the hard times and the bitter, you know I’m always there ‘til this summer ends bring on the winter.
But we’ll just take this moment only hoping for another but we got all we’d ever need because we got each-fucking-other.
So breathe in that cali breeze, and I gotta few tricks up my sleeve to always keep you coming back to me. All I need is love, and my homies.