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""Deliver The Message" Review"

Kids of Survival are a power pop/punky band out of Rockaway, Queens. They’re a four piece, two guitarists (Vin and Frank), bassist/vocals (Gary) and drums (Dylan). This is their second record, and there’s a marked difference between the two. The first record (Good ‘Til Your Heart Pops), in a lot of ways, seemed to follow a lot of the music and lyrics choices of the nouveau punk bands of the moment, which ain’t such a bad thing, if you like that sorta thing. The record came out in 2005, and the four years since then really show. The time spent touring and woodshedding bears out in the product. The drums pop, especially on tracks like “The Code and the Key”, where Dylan switches up the straightforward rhythms of the first record for something that sounds more like rhumba or samba. Vin and Frank often divide the sonic territory, Vin occupying a higher, trebly-er register, and Frank claiming a lower, growlier frequency, almost into bass territory. “Always True” really strikes me in this way, you can hear Vin playing the same riff on top of the song, and this lower end guitar sound underneath it. Gary’s vocals, though, are often the real star. He comes over the top of the music with this amazing baritone that even strays into falsetto on occasion.

And the song titles. They really get to me, especially “The Only True Currency In This Bankrupt World Is Stuff You Share With Someone Else When You’re Both Uncool.” I loved Almost Famous, and this is one of the lines Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Lester Bangs laid on Patrick Fugit’s character in the movie. It means that you share something important and awesome with someone, especially at your worst moments. This record occurs to me as something the band wants to give the kids who like them, almost as a gift. Something to say “Yeah, this is gonna be awesome! You’re gonna love this!” This is a record they made for their fans and for themselves as well. Open up. You’re gonna love it too.
- The Eclectic Six Blog

"Kids of Survival GTYHP Review"

Hailing from Queens, NY, Kids of Survival is a band comprised of four members: Gary Gordon (lead vocals/guitar), Vin Envy (guitar/vocals), Frank Incandela (guitar/vocals), and Dylan Survival (drums). This quartet formed in 2003 and released their debut album "Good "Til Your Heart Pops" two years later with Producer Tomas Costanza. Since its release, the band has independently sold over 4,000 copies and gained a loyal fanbase in both small towns and major cities.

Upon first listen of this album, I was instantly hooked. Drawing on inflences from bands like Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids, KOS have formed their own blend of emo, pop, and rock. The opening track, "My Addiction" is a rocking powerpop ballad which sets the precedent for the whole album. Gary Gordan's emotionally charged vocals fit perfectly against the backdrop of the exciting guitar riffs and drum beats. This is also noted in songs like "Bullet-Proof Heart" and "Friends Turned Enemies."

"Good 'Til Your Heart Pops" is a catchy enthralling mix of pop/rock music with emotional, heartfelt melodies and lyrics. KOS is a definitely a band to watch! Buy there CD now on - ESBM - Eatsleepbreathe music blog

"Bon Jovi Announces ShareTheMic™ Artist Kids of Survival as Opening Act for Saturday May 29th Show"

Bon Jovi Announces ShareTheMic™ Artist Kids of Survival as Opening Act for Saturday May 29th Show

What is ShareTheMic? The Global Platform That Connects Musical Artists with Non-Profits to Help Generate Awareness for Causes They Care About
Kids of Survival (KOS) is the quintessential ShareTheMic artist, connecting deeply to its community and giving back generously to the people it cares about.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 28, 2010 -- ShareTheMic artist Kids of Survival, a four-piece pop/rock band from Queens, will be kicking off a series of summer shows when the band opens for Bon Jovi and pop/rockers OneRepublic this Saturday at the New Meadowlands Stadium. ShareTheMic ( is set to be the global online platform that connects emerging musical artists with non-profit organizations to create cross promotional campaigns – including original recordings and videos – to help raise awareness.

Kids of Survival, opening for Bon Jovi May 29th
Kids of Survival, opening for Bon Jovi May 29th

Kids of Survival (KOS) is the quintessential ShareTheMic (STM) artist, connecting deeply to its community and giving back generously to the people it cares about. The band got its inspiration from a youth group, of the same name and formed in the 80’s by Tim Rollins, which took underprivileged kids off the streets and turned them on to art. Today, many of these artists have their works hanging in museums around the world. Kids of Survival’s vision, much like Tim’s, was to share their own art – music – with the world, too. So, driven by friendship and the need to collaborate, the band, founded by drummer Dylan Lipari and bassist and lead singer Gary Gordon, was born in 2005. The group has successfully toured nationally for the last six years and is currently working on their new EP, which is expected to be released later this year.

“We are proud to have Kids of Survival signed to ShareTheMic,” STM Founder Kevin Patrick said in a statement, “these are the types of artists that set by example, becoming successful not only by their incredible talent and drive, but by shaping the way the new music industry cross culturally connects all people who care and make a difference. ShareTheMic will continue to support artists who are recognized for this and we look forward to the Global release of our Artist/NPO management program later this summer.”

Kids of Survival drummer and co-founder, Dylan Lipari, responded saying, "it is an honor to be on ShareTheMic. To be able to pair up artists /bands, who have such influence over their fans, with a non-profit organization to help spread awareness for the cause is amazing."

The ShareTheMic platform connects two passionate communities - musical artists and non-profits - and empowers them to make a real difference by:

* generating broader awareness for the non-profits and the artists
* helping non-profits inspire its donors, volunteers and supporters in new and creative ways though music and video
* enabling artists to connect with a cause and give back in a way that’s meaningful and personal to them
* developing innovative, cross-media and cross-marketing campaigns
* enhancing fundraising opportunities

Kids of Survival is one of more than 80 artists that have submitted detailed profiles, including testimonies of interest in specific charities or causes, to be considered for inclusion in the ShareTheMic program. Fifty have been approved, and twenty-three have been paired with one of ShareTheMic’s 40 plus non-profits, which include The Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation, Autism Speaks and Cancer Research Institute.

So, if you’re ready to rock, here’s how you can get involved:

* Visit to enjoy the amazing content our artists have created for the charities they support, or
* Suggest to a friend that their band apply for membership with ShareTheMic so they can channel their passion, or
* Tell the executive director of your favorite non-profit to sign up for ShareTheMic so they can get connected with artists that will help support its cause. - ShareTheMic

"Eatsleepbreath Music Blog "Unsigned band of the week""

This week's unsigned artist is Kids of Survival. Last night the NYC based quartet played a record release party at High Line ballroom for their sophomore album Deliver The Message. The band gave a powerhouse performance filled with powerpop rock ballads along with some harder rock melodies off their new album. Gary Wallach has amazing vocals and I really liked the band's excitement and enthusiasm for playing. These are really talented guy who have the chops to make a name for themselves.

ESBM - Eatsleepbreathe music blog

"Good 'Til Your Heart Pops - AP.NET review"

Kids of Survival – Good 'Til Your Heart Pops
Release Date: January 21st, 2008
Record Label: Independent

Kids of Survival's Good ’Til Your Heart Pops, an unabashedly pop punk/pop rock album, is a somewhat hit or miss record which often showcases excellent pop sensibilities, and when I say hit, by the way, I do mean hit—a few of the songs on the album, most notably “My Addiction,” could easily be all over MTV/TRL (I’ve literally woken up several times and regained consciousness with the chorus of “My Addiction” playing over and over in my head. It’s that catchy. Perhaps the catchiest song I’ve heard all year.). Unfortunately, the album is hindered by lackluster production, which will probably prevent the band from gaining the attention they deserve.

Most of the songs on Good Till’ Your Heart Pops, particularly “My Addiction,” “Bullet-Proof Heart,” and “Brooklyn Burns,” feature poppy, soaring choruses, complete with thickening vocal harmonies and doubles, so if you don’t like your pop punk served with sugar, steer clear. However, if you’re into bands such as Hit the Lights and the like, I’d definitely suggest giving the album a listen—it’s fun, catchy-as-fuck, not-a-care-in-the-world, well-written pop punk, and that’s what I like about it. A lot of the choruses on this album are pure gold; I smile when I hear them. Some songs fall a little flat though, mainly due to vocal melodies in the verses. "My Addiction"'s chorus is top notch, but the verses could use a little work, and the same goes for “Brooklyn Burns”—the really cool guitar-layered choruses (complete with ghetto-licious beat and all) are great, but the verses are just a little disappointing.

While a good amount of the songs themselves are virtually mainstream-ready, the production is nowhere near close to giving the songs the impact that they need, and occasionally the vocals could use some work (sometimes the vocals are great though—falsettos abound in “Friends Turned Enemies,” a piano-layered song, and most of the choruses sound damn good). Production-wise, the guitars and drums are thin and lack substance, and there’s just too much high end in general. Also, the mix really puts the drums and vocals too far in front, which gives the album an amateur-ish feel. I’d love to hear this album re-recorded with a big time producer, because these songs really do have the potential to be huge, and with just a little fine tuning here and there, better tones, and a better mix, this could be one of the best pop punk releases this year. This record may not be the one that garners the band lots of attention, mainly due to the production, unfortunately, but I’m willing to throw down money that record labels will realize that the band and the record are diamonds the rough—KOS won’t be unsigned for long. -


"Good 'Til Your Heart Pops" - 2005
"Good 'Til Your Heart Pops" (re-release) - 2008
"Deliver The Message" - 2009
(all available for stream at



The last year has been an exciting one for the KIDS OF SURVIVAL: FOX News used their song, “My Addiction” to promote their Good Morning L.A. show; they played the New York Bamboozle Festival in May 2009; they passed 5 MILLION plays on their Myspace site, and in June, their long-awaited sophomore record, Deliver the Message, was triumphantly released. Produced entirely in-house by Gary Gordon and former band member, Vin Envy, KIDS OF SURVIVAL introduced Deliver the Message to a packed house at NYC’s Highline Ballroom on June 28, 2009. Of the new record lead singer/bassist Gary Gordon says, “I was 17 when I wrote the songs on our first record. This new record isn’t the same pop/rock. We still know how to write a catchy chorus and we love that, but these new songs also show that we’re musicians and that we love being musicians.”
Hailing from New York City, KIDS OF SURVIVAL started playing music practically from the cradle. Drummer Dylan Lipari and bassist/lead singer Gary Gordon met in junior high school and have been in and out of bands together since. Guitarist Frank Incandela joined the band, jumping at the opportunity to work with musicians who were serious about touring and making music their career. After a few false starts—name changes, personnel changes—KIDS OF SURVIVAL was born.
While Dylan and Gary were still in high school, KIDS OF SURVIVAL headed out on regional tours, covering the East coast from New York to Florida, and opening for national acts like: Sugarcult, Story of the Year, Bayside, From First to Last, Halifax, Punchline, Spitalfield, Valencia, Bed light for Blue Eyes, HelloGoodBye, I Am The Avalanche, Four Year Strong, Houston Calls, Brazil, Emery and many more.
In the summer of 2005 after working odd jobs and scrimping and saving their own money, KIDS OF SURVIVAL (known as “Stiffler” at that time), headed in to the studio with producer Tomas Costanza to record their debut full length record, Good ‘Til Your Heart Pops. At a time when most bands were relying on the formula of, “if you scream it, they will come,” KIDS OF SURVIVAL emerged from the studio with an unapologetically catchy POP-ROCK record. Released on November 29th, 2005 at a sold-out show at the Knitting Factory in New York City, KIDS OF SURVIVAL sold over 4,000 copies independently over the next 7 months. Since its release in 2005, KIDS OF SURVIVAL have booked 4 full U.S. tours on their own and have built a loyal fanbase in rural small towns and large cities alike. From Buchanan, GA to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, KIDS OF SURVIVAL have sold out shows and drawn fans. After opting out of an early record deal with a small label, KIDS OF SURVIVAL chose to remain independent for now.
KIDS OF SURVIVAL is now touring with Deliver the Message and is already writing new music for the third full-length CD.