We bring post punk to a new level. We use synths and endless guitar pedals to add a more varied sound to our hardcore. we still sound hardcore and we're definetly a rock band, but fit in better with an indie or progressive crowd.


We got together in 2009, and have gigged around the liverpool area since then, playing a few sold out shows which we are proud of. We're influenced by the want to play music and want to sound good, we are always aiming to deliver the best gig we can. We want to sound different from other hardcore bands but still fit in with them. We would say we experiment more and arn't afraid to differ from standard line ups. We use synths and electronics, as well as the standard drums, distorted guitar etc. We're influenced from bands like Black Flag, 65daysofstatic, Mogwai, GayForJohnnyDepp and Fucked Up. We are playing the Liverpool O2 academy in March, and have an EP coming out shortly.


We are in the process of recording our ep, which we wrote a while ago and having been playing for a while. It's called Broken Glass and contains 4 tracks, we also plan to release another version with a new song on it as a bonus track. The recordings should be on myspace in a few weeks.

Set List

We normally play 6 songs with an intro, which comes to half an hour, this consists of 5 of our own songs and one cover which we can regually, we have coverd Fight for your Right -Beastie Boys, Jack The Ripper - The Horrors and Heavydale - Kling Klang