Kidz In Space

Kidz In Space

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL
BandHip HopEDM

An electronic progression of the Hip Hop genre with rock sensibilities


The story begins when three artists (Ashley Hughes, Mat Neshat and Josh Fountain) from different upbringings and musical backgrounds, mysteriously cross paths. Frustrated with the current state of music on Earth, they boarded the Starship Synthesizer to launch themselves into the outer limits of the universe, in search of a new sound. Bound by their intergalactic explorations they re-materialized as Kidz in Space.

Not content with each new cosmic conquest the Kidz In Space planet-hopped, unwilling to stay anywhere for too long, always probing for unheard sounds and fresh experiences. The Kidz journeyed light-years through Guitar galaxies, dodged their way past Pop comets and battled against Hip-Hopbots and Dance Droids. Scarred but triumphant, they have returned to earth with a shed-load of pioneering sounds, levitated lyrics and off-world melodies.

Their ship is currently docked in the mini-megalopolis of Auckland city where they are presently collaring their data, performing excruciating musical calculations and keenly analyzing the results. Though early outcomes are notoriously unstable, and frankly these Kidz could head off into an impenetrable black hole at any given moment, an undeniable thread has emerged from their initial findings on music captured from the outer galaxies. In layman�s terms, the theme is the importance of relationships between the necessary parties needed for pro-creation and evolution, the male and female of the species. Well that is apart from the planet Mars, but we don�t need to get into that right now! The resulting Kidz In Space E.P follows the relationship between an Earth man and Earth woman and the issues they confront along the way, from the beautiful beginning through to the despairing end.

Though they are, of course, seasoned space travelers in their stereophonic sputnik, the Kidz In Space have only just begun to reveal their rhythmic research from amongst the stars, to followers of a more traditional Earth bound sound. As one would expect from audio astronautical adventurers of their caliber, a large launch pad was required, and so the BDO �09 was chosen as the location for their beatwise blast off. Momentarily sending the Local Produce stage into orbit the Kidz set their phazers to stun, and received an appropriately astronomical reception from the captivated crowd. Watch the skies for more Kidz In Space live show-and-tells, and keep an ear open for their EP of space bound sounds and terranean tones, the Kidz In Space have landed.


ep to come

Set List

30 - 45
sets are typically arranged around the particular audience a usual set would include -
songs from our upcoming ep such as:
*phsycadelic girl
*lose my cool
*beauty queen
*ocean of drugs
*cupids got a shotgun
as well as

*you want it we got
*what you do

we also perfom bootleg covers and our own reinditions of

* kid cudi crookers remix of day and nite
* dizzie rascal - bonkers
* empire of the sun - walking on the dream
* phoenix - 1901
* daft punk - robotrock