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St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Live At Heart 2018, Sweden: Our Top 10 Finds"

"How many white rappers from Newfoundland, Canada do you think are into lo-fi hip-hop and count the likes of XXXTentacion and Earl Sweatshirt as their formative influences? Josh Kielley aka Kielley Koyote might look like he could growl into a mic, but he offers razor-sharp wit and rhymes about his own life and weaknesses on his latest EP Weak Days, which even got hype from rap star Gucci Mane." - Rolling Stone India

"Meet N.L. hip-hop artist Kielley Koyote"

"Josh Kielley got a nod from Rolling Stone India and made the list of Top 10 acts at Swedish Festival Live at Heart." - CBC

"Beats from da shed: Overcoming ‘Weak Days’ served as inspiration for St. John’s-based rapper Kielley Koyote"

How many people have been threatened with being taught a lesson in the shed?
Likely quite a few of us if we are being honest.
But how many of us have ever learned to rap in a shed?
It may sound like a tall tale, but that is exactly how Josh Kielley aka Kielley Koyote honed his skills.
“I practised and created like most Newfoundland musicians do, the only difference for me is I did it in my dad’s shed … right next to the grinder,’’ he said with a wry smile.
“I needed a place to work so out in the shed I would go and that is where I learned how to do this and got my career started,’’ he added.
From those meagre beginnings, of the cold days, the hot days and all days in between, life issues and all that goes with being a young 20-something seeking to get started in music, Kielley put in the work.
Perhaps you could say he even ground it out next to that grinder.

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Newfoundland and Labrador talents showcased in Sweden

That work and the work of his management company, got him an invitation to a prestigious event in Europe a few weeks back.
Kielley and four additional bands from Newfoundland and Labrador perform at the Live at Heart music and film festival in Orebo, Sweden, from Sept. 2-8 as part of the roster of 18 Canadian acts who participated.
For someone who’s been in the industry for just two years, the 23-year-old Kielley’s successes and the exposure from this conference, have helped elevate him to the point where he is now collaborating for his next EP with an international crew.
Initially, Kielley attended the Live at Heart conference in Orebro, Sweden seeking to play for an international audience.
What he accomplished was so much more. The conference resulted in him being tested and evaluated by some of Europe’s best music producers.
The sacrifice of scrimping and saving, applying for grants from Music NL and having kick ass sound technicians mashing music together for him, helped Kielley forge lasting relationships and connect with other musicians globally.
Jan Sparby, a professor of music at the University of Orebro, organized “The Blackbelt Songwriters Camp” during the conference.
Running in conjunction with the festival, artists were handpicked and separated into groups.
Kielley was one of three selected and he was paired with Elin Kran, a songwriter from Sweden, and Bruno Miguel, a producer from Portugal to write, record and produce a live performance in three days. If that wasn’t enough work, he also wrote features for two other projects.
But it’s Kielley’s trio — Elin and Bruno — at the concert that he is excited about.
The plan is to produce a musical collaboration across borders using technology to communicate those ideas.
With a new international group project on the way and a pile of unreleased tracks waiting to be mastered, Kielley has his fingers in a number of pies.
Since the release of his “Weak Days” EP, Kielley Koyote has opened for Juno nominated acts that includes Ghettosocks, Evil Ebeneezer and Jyay.
He has a music video on the way and is rallying resources to host a benefit show for a yet-to-be-named charity that will be announced.
“I have always listened to hip hop bands. I would have to say that Wu Tang Clan was my inspiration, them and Earl Sweatshirt,’’ Kielley said.
“I was playing folk music and had learned to play guitar before I turned to hip hop and rap.”
Kielley, like most people in life, has a personal story and it took him a while to get through those issues.
A broken relationship left him with anxiety issues that led to some depression and what he said was diagnosed as a form of PTSD. He sought help and got help for those mental health issues.
It was during that time he began to write poetry and write down his feelings and opinion in those and many other things he was experiencing in life and seeing everywhere he went.
“I would call those my weak days, which led to me writing songs for the EP which because of where I had been in my weak days, gave me the title,’’ he said.
He calls his style a bridge between modern rap and old-school rap that is introspective but at the same time projecting a positive message. He doesn’t believe in vulgarity in his beats and will always try to present a positive message for fans of his music and in the process, draw more fans into his base.
Having a strong team and a group of friends around him have helped to get his career to where it is today.
Nick Harte, a friend Kielley went to high school with and the synergy they have together, has served as inspiration, a spiritual guru and through cypher’s the pair do, allow them to build on a wide range of creative projects.
In addition, he has a group of people who have helped him on that road includes Ryan Peddle, Josh Roberts, Isaac Hansen and Jeremy Howell. They all helped him prepare for the show and made sure he did his homework before he arrived in Sweden by having a notebook full of songs to draw from once the creative process began.
“All three of us (Elin Kran and Bruno Miguel) had established material which helped us collaborate. Language was an issue at first, but it didn’t take long for us to start to gel and we produced three great tracks,’’ he said.
“The songs were well-received, and it generated a lot of interest from people at the conference. I was also able to collaborate with some other acts who needed someone to drop in a rap track here and there.”
Toss in his management with Wendy Morgan of Get Faced Entertainment, and his team is complete.
“Wendy did all the work at Orebo. She looked after all the business things and paperwork and I looked after the performance end of things,’’ he said.
“She did all the legwork — to get me invited to the festival — and enabled us to get to talk to the right people.”
In addition, he said over the past two years he has received what he calls ‘enormous support’ from MusicNL who he said have been instrumental in his success to date.
Kielley said that every artist requires support and wherever that comes from is appreciated.
If you are looking to see Kielley Koyote perform, there will be a number of opportunities on the horizon as MusicNL week is fast approaching and he could be on a stage somewhere in St. John’s dropping a beat or two and there will be a Live at Heart Newfoundland global music conference that is planned for Oct. 10 in Burin. - The Telegram

"Hip hop artist dedicates song to Chantel John"

Music can be a powerful tool. This next artist says he hopes this song, is a call to action. “She Belongs to Me” is a collaborative project of Riley Harnett and Josh Kielley. NTV’s Leila Beaudoin reports. - NTV

"Honour Roll: Newfoundland’s Kielley Koyote talks new music, touring & more"

This past April, I had the pleasure of touring Newfoundland with a very interesting hip-hop artist named Kielley Koyote.

Kielley has been making his mark at home and abroad, most notably for his performance at the Live at Heart festival in Sweden and the subsequent write-up he received in Rolling Stone India.

“Kielley Koyote might look like he could growl into a mic, but he offers razor-sharp wit and rhymes about his own life and weaknesses on his latest EP Weak Days, which even got hype from rap star Gucci Mane.” – Rolling Stone India

They say you never know someone till you tour with them, and in this case Kielley turned out to be an exceptional person on and off the mic.

Kielley recently released a very moving music video for his song “She Belongs To Me.” This song was inspired by indigenous poet Cindie Lush following the senseless murder of indigenous sister Chantel John of Conne River, Newfoundland. The song addresses domestic violence, and the music video was directed in Newfoundland and photographed to pay respect to murdered and missing Indigenous women.

It’s pretty amazing to see what Kielley has accomplished in just two short years. He just finished touring all of Atlantic Canada with yours truly, released two albums and several singles, performed at PoutineFest and showcased at the Urban East Music Festival in Saint John, NB.

I recently sat down with Kielley for a brief Q&A. Check it out below along with his new single that I’m featured on, “Honour Roll.” You can find the song on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital outlets via BKG Studios.

Q&A: Kielley Koyote
HipHopCanada: So what made you get started in hip-hop?

Kielley Koyote: I was inspired by the Wu0Tang Clan, specifically Gza. His rhymes and intelligence made me want to start crafting my own raps.

HipHopCanada: What is the highlight of your career so far?

KK: Travelling to Sweden was incredible and seeing my name in a magazine like Rolling Stone was surreal.

HipHopCanada: How did you enjoy touring with me?

KK: It was a blast! Making connections with everyone you know was super beneficial to me and performing every night for two weeks was challenging but I feel like it made me a stronger artist in the long run.

Honour Roll: Newfoundland rapper Kielley Koyote talks new music, touring and more
Kielley Koyote

HipHopCanada: What makes hip-hop from Newfoundland so unique?

KK: It’s the ocean, the Jam Jams, the gravel pits, everything! We have a lot of heart out here and we don’t mess with fake love.

HipHopCanada: Do you have any upcoming projects your that you can discuss with us?

KK: I’m keeping it pretty hush hush right now but suffice to say that there will be a lot more music coming from me in the near future so stay tuned.

HipHopCanada: Awesome bro, I can’t wait to rock with you again and thank you for the amazing hospitality you showed me while I was out there.

KK: No worries at all, best kind! - Hip Hop Canada


Still working on that hot first release.



Kielley Koyote is a St. John's Newfoundland based hip-hop artist who has been exporting his talents internationally and making waves doing so. Putting Newfoundland and North America on the map this year. 

Kielley was first mentioned in media through Rolling Stones In., during Live at Heart festival in Sweden. He was the only performer to be mentioned from North America! The rapper later became recognized at home and since has been making news regularly; using his introspective lyricism to insight audiences big and small .

Kielley Koyote recently released a very moving music video for his song "She Belongs To Me". This song was inspired by indigenous poet Cindie Lush following the tragic demise of indigenous sister Chantel John of Conne River Newfoundland. The song addresses domestic violence, and the beautifully captured music video was directed in Newfoundland and photographed to pay respect to Murdered and Missing Indigenous women. A project with inspiration from the Red Dress Project.

Josh Kielley aka Kielley Koyote at just 24 has accomplished so much in his short 3 year career of rapping. Kielley's Lo-Fi hip-hop is not like anyone else. "I want my lyrics to portray how I feel in a cryptic way" and this is true to the listener, his lyrics often made up of twisted metaphors that are impressive to the listener. He has offered a voice to many who struggle with the same introspective struggles, and has offered a voice to those without a voice by using his talents to portray social issues.

"Josh Kielley aka Kielley Koyote might look like he could growl into a mic, but he offers razor-sharp wit and rhymes about his own life and weaknesses" - Rolling Stones In.

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