Kieran McGee

Kieran McGee


Kieran McGee has been recording and performing since the age of 15. He just finished his fourth album The Golden Age Of Paranoia.


At age six, when his friends were getting G.I. Joe for Christmas, young Kieran McGee's father gave him a cassette of Robert Johnson, and gave Kieran's older brother a Guns N' Roses cassette. "I immediately liked both albums," Kieran recalls, "but Robert Johnson was the more lasting impression, I think." The bipolar extremes of rock and folk - the King Of the Delta Blues and hair-metal's primal scream - have been the heart and soul of Kieran's music ever since. Along with the influences that have washed up on the rocky shore of his life - Woody Guthrie, Skip James, Black Flag, Nirvana, the Carter Family, and of course Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones - Kieran McGee is, as one New York journalist proclaimed, "the real thing."

Kieran's albums have featured other artist as diverse as Levon Helm, Olabelle, Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, Sean Costello, Catherine Popper of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals and The North Mississippi Allstars


Left For Dead - 1997
Ash Wednesday - 2001
Anonymous - 2005
The Golden Age Of Paranoia - 2008

Set List

Typical setlist has ranged from 45 minutes to 2 and a 1/2 hours depending on the particular gig.