Kieran Mc Kenna

Kieran Mc Kenna


An established performer who has worked both as a solo artist and as a member of different bands, Mc Kenna is a bit of a troubador having also lived and worked out of Madrid and Paris for many years. His music is a straightforward rock sound with hints of Rockabilly among other influences.


Kieran currently lives in London where he has established himself as an outstanding live performer. Before arriving there in 2007 he had toured extensively in Europe as a member of different bands. Madrid the Spanish capital was his home for 7 years and he still makes frequent visits to the city. Paris was his home before this for 8 years and while he still has difficulty staying in one place, the constant feature in his life is his passion for authentic Rock music. Although he qualifies his music as such it is definitely tinged with more than a hint of Rockabilly and other musical genres which he has blended to create his own inimitable style. Kieran started playing guitar early in his teenage years much to the chagrin of the staff of the Christian Brothers School he went to in Dublin. He played in various bands before going out on his own to forge a solo career. ‘I had always wanted to perform my own songs’ he says ‘every musician owes a debt to his predecessors but one can also add a personal touch to the scene’ In 2007 he recorded his eponymous album in Madrid and moved to London to promote it. The album has 12 original songs which range from the rather savage ‘Do the Doggy’ to the more suave ‘A Hundred Shades Of Blue’. When asked about his future plans - ‘I’ll keep writing and playing ‘til the good lord takes me’ he informs us. He is currently working on his second album.


Kieran Mc Kenna the album released 2007
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