Kieren Smith

Kieren Smith

 Upton, Massachusetts, USA

Tyler Hilton is both a musician and an actor. He's known as the character "Chris Keller" on the hit CW show "One Tree Hill", and played the role of "Elvis" in the Academy Award winning film "Walk the Line". He has toured with Boyce Avenue, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat and Gloriana.


Ever since he can remember, Kieren Smith has lived and breathed music. Born in Duluth, Minnesota, he started playing violin at age four; and by age ten, Kieren had picked up guitar and the drums. Even though the majority of his youth was spent writing and playing music, it wasn't until he first stepped on stage with his high school band, Jamestown Story, that he knew he was meant to spend his life committed to playing music. Kieren started touring full-time at age sixteen, completing school-work on the road and eventually graduating high school early to focus on touring.

Shortly after high school, Kieren moved to Minneapolis and formed the band, Sing It Loud. Within five shows, the young pop-rock act signed with Epitaph records and hit the road. Sing It Loud would continue on to release two full length albums and play over 1,000 shows in four years.

After the group disbanded in late 2010, Kieren was left to establish the next step of his career. With support from his good friend and producer, Jordan Schmidt, Kieren released his first solo album, "The Better Life."

"The Better Life" displays Kieren's vast musical inspiration and skill. Heavily inspired by Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls, Kieren brings back the youthful and wide-eyed sound of the 90's alternative rock scene. Now 23 years old, he is living and playing music in New York City. After seven years of touring and writing music, Kieren is a seasoned musician at a young age. With a new album on the horizon, things are bright for this young songwriter.

"I've spent my whole life dedicated to music, and I've had my share of ups and downs," says Smith. "Those are the best part. It's not about the end of the road, it's the shows I play and the fans I meet on the way there."


Hold On

Written By: Kieren Smith

it starts tonight
come on lets leave this party
and take a walk outside
these city streets
they are sleeping like a little boy
its time for you and me to
walk out and run down
chasing all we've wanted
and everything we need
so take me and find out
youre hands are in my pockets
they wont stop touching me

hold on to me
pulling so i cant breathe
i want everyone around us to see you make me fly
i want the world to watch as i stare into your eyes
so hold on to me
just keep holding on baby

i realize
ive spent my whole life on the ground
and always asking why
my biggest dreams
seem to slip within my reach
but now ive learned to fly
and you wont accept a word im saying
nothings true and im just lying
believe me i wouldnt hurt you
believe me i think i love you
everything is for a reason
i cannot contain this feeling
its got me going under
goin under under you

lets get higher

Falling Down Into You

Written By: Kieren Smith

i remember when i met you
it seems like yesterday
you were drunk and i was too
it was easy to say
ive been waiting for a while
to let you know that i had to tell you
i had to tell you that

its not the way you walk
your looks make me dizzy
not how you talk
though your words always get me
its all the little things that you
do when im looking at you
im starting to think that

im falling
down into you
im falling
theres nothing i can do
cause life will trip you up
and push you in love
yes its true
i keep fallin down into you

ive known you for a while
but youre still a mystery
i learn about you
when you ask about me
if you keep thinking i
am feeding you lies
just remember
remember when i say

its not the way you walk
your curves drive me crazy
oh no its not how you talk
your words seem to kill me
its all the little things that you
do when im staring at you
i know i cant help it

im falling
im falling

no its not the way you walk
in your body i revel
no its not how you talk
with the voice of an angel
its everything you do
that makes me fall down into you

Up To Me

Written By: Kieren Smith

too many times
ive been lead around
looking up and down and
i never walk the line
that's laid out for me
leading where i need to be
everyone thinks im lost
like a childhood friend
forgetting who i am
but ill keep moving on
despite what they say
i never liked them anyway

where did you go
where did i go
where did we go

if it was up to me
i would spend the day every day
making love and being free

up to me
im gonna get you right every night
and live my life, for me

more than once before
i was on the floor
pulled by an angel
i seem to preoccupy
all my time
with nothing i really want
maybe a different day
can change my ways
but dfor now ill move along
listening to no one else
besides myself
to blame for getting off

where do you go
where do i go
where do we go

youre more than good thing
and i
im more than a bad thing

The Better Life

Written By: Kieren Smith

if you only knew
me, and all that i am going through
if you only saw
and believed, then you could tell me what to do

would you hold my hand tonight
would we stand together and swallow all our pride

do you think you know
what its like, to be away for eternity
how dare you have the nerve
to deny me what I need

how can i look you in the eyes
i hope you live forever with the guilt locked up inside

all i know
is im lost and i cant come home
where to hide
im stuck in the better life
you know you know
im lost and i cant come home
where to hide
burning down in the better life

do you feel scared
and alone, is that why you torture me
can you make it
on your own, or do you need my sympathy

i wish you'd let me move on too
cause i know you're better and this, it isnt you


Written By: Kieren Smith

here, face down in my hands
how did i end up lost again
hiding from the world
that i used to live in

trapped, swallowing my pride
locking it inside
ill throw away the key
so youll never get in

you always said youd never leave
but now youre walking out on me

i want in, you dont want it
all my weekends left wide open
youre so smooth its kept me up tonight
and its safe to say im finally moving on

i, i gave you my best shot
but you somehow lost your love
you know i dont believe
when you say youre sorry

now, now youre hanging up
and i still can feel your touch
of your hands across my face
no i wont forget them

i always said id set you free
but youre still running out on me

is this
really the moment
that i
admit that im broken
or do i leave that up to you

lets try
give this a second
why not
i think i can mend it
or should i leave this all to you


The Better Life EP - 2010
Produced by Jordan Schmidt

Set List

Changes per show