Kierra West

Kierra West


I am a highly motivated focused woman whose heart beat is music. My purpose and love for life comes from music and through music. A singer/song writer with many inspirations coming from life experiences, music consisting of mainly RnB, and Soul.


Born and raised in Austin, Tx, and I currently reside in Houston. I am influenced by the great Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Mary J Blidge, and Aaliyah. A description of my voice would be when soft meets power. Raised without my mother or father, but by different members of my family. A child like many with dreams and passion for music, I feel like I was that child who was a flower, that was never properly watered, and did not have the chance/opportunity to grow. Nonetheless I am on a mission to follow my dreams and one true love



Danger Zone
Come here

Set List

Porsche Clark
Jessica White
Desabrein Hadnot
Amanda Deeds
John Atwood
Barbara Massington
Kelsee Eggleston