Kiev has quickly become one of the most unique and notable bands on the LA music scene. Cutting guitar riffs, combined with fiery yet angelic vocals, and a dynamic, super-solid rhythm section form an amazing musical tapestry that is as modern and edgy as it is timeless.


“Wait, out beneath the sky, and listen for a voice; a quiet tone that speaks (but only to me). The warmth that it brings, running through me, is all we’ll ever need.”

This quote runs deeper within the members of Kiev than Robert Brinkerhoff had originally imagined before committing it to a song. There has to be a certain enlightenment that overpowers rational thought, and asks you to abandon stable and familiar life paths in order to try something new. Why take such a risk? The best way to answer this question is to complete the lyric above:

“Not everyone can love the way this feels.”

Robert, Grace, Zachery, and Brandon definitely love the way it feels.

Surprisingly, the four members of Kiev actually have quite a short history together. Upon forming in late 2004, they recorded and released a 7 song EP with producer/engineer Noel Golden (Matchbox 20, Willie Nelson, Meatloaf, The Exies). Only weeks after completing the recording and without ever even playing a show, Kiev found themselves asked all around town: bouncing from office to office, then from coast to coast to be formally introduced to the industry. Though this was Kiev's first major encounter with the music biz, the individual members themselves were no strangers at all. The members' past projects include national and international touring acts Saosin (Capitol Records), Fairview (Side-Cho Records), Open Hand (Trustkill Records), Ashlee Simpson (Geffen records), and Seattle's EWI.

If the band is not performing within the bustling Orange County/Los Angeles music scene (or occasionally stepping out of state to perform alongside the likes of Secret Machines, Autolux, and Moving Units), Kiev can almost always be found locked up within their secluded 1920's avocado warehouse-turned-practice-space. Here, the band is constantly writing, producing and recording. They are relentlessly exploring new music, sounds, and ideas, intending only to be undeniably honest, creative, and accessible to anyone that wants to be moved.

Although the members of Kiev delight in the future of their career, the present is equally as inviting. Never have they felt more creative, and never has the need to share their music ever been so strong. An upcoming Fall tour may not be enough. Kiev is ready to show everyone how they feel.


2005 The Expensive Demo E.P.
Track list:
Puerto Rico
Don’t Lie
This May Be

2006 Cabin of Lights “Demo”
Track list:
The Light You'll See
Just Like Humans?
Roman Numeral 3 Was Here
It’s The End Of The World

Set List

Set List: Roman Numeral 3 Was Here, Just Like Humans?, Riders, DDR, Justin Jackson, The Light You'll See, Puerto Rico. Set is 30 minutes long.