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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kight – Mix Of Styles Added To The Alt-Rock Genre Makes For Interesting Sound"

Finding and deciding on a name for a band is often even harder than writing the songs. You want something with meaning that can relate to your potential fans but also something that is personal and truly shows what your musical project is all about. And let’s face facts it needs to be memorable too. Our recent find Kight may have hit on all of these.

The alternative pop band from the suburbs of Seattle, Washington went to the dictionary to discover the word Kight which the band says means “something that a person is passionate about that requires dedication or support to achieve”. That seems to touch on everything that a band truly is. The Kight sound is a mix of alternative rock with influences from the emo, glitch, and hard rock genres.

The band’s debut album was just released last month along with a record release show in Seattle at El Corazon. The full 14 track record titled Fight To Fly is the culmination of over 6 years of songwriting by lead singer Sean Machak. The opener “Love Is The Season” attacks right away with an aggressive rock melody reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday. The band shows an epic side on “Live Your Life” with its atmospheric background and softer studio warped lyrics and seemingly cloud of sounds coming at you from every direction. The attack of sound from every angle continues on “One More Time”. Kight’s ability to mesh different styles into one song here is impressive. The straight up alt-rock returns on “West Coast Is The Best Coast” with its high speed energy bursting through. They even show off an experimental edge on the closer “Kight For Me”. There is something here for everyone. Go experience it for yourself at: - Keith Pro -

"New Music Critiques - Page 47"

We're not sure why these Seattle rockers term themselves "alternative" when a pronounced emo/pop-punk vitality (a la Cartel and Armor for Sleep) seems to be stoking their train. That said, there's a nucleus of skill in this hard-playing act that can't be denied, particularly the guitar work which includes a dazzling solo and wah pedal (!) on "Love is the Season." Kight get all acoustic on us with the catchy "All at Once," conjuring memories of Hawthorne Heights. The emo-injected "Heart is the Home" makes it clear this band is a future Warped Tour candidate. In the meantime, we'd advise their lead singer to work harder to match the rest of the band in sheer vitality and intensity. - Music Connection

"Kight ~ Fight To Fly"

Imagine 30 Seconds To Mars with the kinetic frenzy of Blink 182 and you’ve got Kight. Dubbing themselves a “pop alternative” band, this Seattle-based group featuring Sean Machak (vocals, synth and guitar), Niko Hloptsidis (lead guitar), Jake Malinowski (bass) and Taylor Brown (drums) has got a lot of great stuff going on.

It’s partially due to Sean Machak—the vocalist’s ardent, youthful voice. He’s not simply singing, but rather pleading with fans to hear his words, and because of his delivery you’ll find yourself compelled to stop and listen. That desire to connect with fans is also the group’s mission statement. Yes, they have a mission statement and it goes like this: “We try to write music to inspire. Music that people can connect with that helps them overcome daily tribulations, and thrive in this adventure we call life. Our Kight is helping you find yours through our music.”

Kight is about “being the best you can be, especially in the face of adversity,” says Machak, who defines it is as, “Something a person is passionate about that requires dedication to support or achieve.”
The band’s name is also a play-on-words, representing a kite’s “fight to fly,” hence the title of the band’s 2014 debut album. Machak says, “Fight To Fly is the best results of over six years of song writing. The first single off the album, is a song that reminds us that wherever life takes us, the “Heart is the Home.” 
It’s a song about finding love, and balancing the pursuit of it as a travelling musician. The chorus explains that wherever you have love you will always feel at home.”

There’s something undeniably hooky about the single, “The Heart Is The Home.” You’ll find yourself singing it as you putter around. The other notable tracks on the album include, the acoustic “All At Once,” the synth-blended “Ad Astra Per Astara,” and the harder-edged, “Here With Me.” The tone of the songs calls to mind those bands of the late 90’s that did so well on stations like KROQ and 91X. While this is the band’s first endeavor, we’re thinking we’ll be hearing great things from them.

They have a gig coming up in Seattle, WA at El Corazon June 14th for their CD release. Doors at 7:00 PM. Show at 7:30 PM. Tickets $10 advance or $12 door.

For more info:
WWW.KIGHTMUSIC.COM - Taylor Van Arsdale - Music and Mayhem Webzine

"Kight’s Fight To Fly"

Kight is a pop alternative band from the suburbs of Seattle. The band name is a play on words, representing a kite’s “fight to fly,” which is the title of the band’s debut album to release on June 14, 2014. “Fight to Fly” is the best results of over 6 years of song writing from singer, Sean Machak. Sean wrote and recorded the entire album in coordination with 1 Shot Studio in Woodinville, WA. Ed Brooks (Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie) from RFI Studios in Seattle, WA mastered the record. Kight is now attracting attention from the local Seattle scene, and has a full band solidified, gearing up to hit the road this summer. The record crosses a few genres with a common pop influence.

“Love Is the Season” has a great guitar solo, which lasts from 2:20-2:43 if you enjoy those like I do. “Respect, Trust and Understanding” reminded me of a song that could be played in the background of a video game. “Live Your Life” starts off as a somewhat mellow track and picks up around 1:36. It was a unique track with some other sound effects I wasn’t quite familiar with, besides some playing around with the vocals. “Heart is the Home” had a more catchy feel to it, and was more pop rock than some of the other tracks. “One More Time” reminds me of something you would have heard on Biography of a Heartbreak by This Century, in the sense that it has nontraditional sounds making up the melody, but it still has a poppish feel to it. “Don’t Go” has sort of a reggae feel. “West Coast is the Best Coast” is one of the more definite rock songs on the album. “All At Once” is another mellow track that picks up at the chorus, and makes a good dance track. “Set Your Sights” is another laid back track. “Changing on the Inside” plays around with the sound of rain on the intro of the track, and it’s a nice mellow track, with drums kicking in around 1:35 mark. “Ad Astra Per Aspera” is an instrumental track. “DBYLAO (Don’t Break… Your Legs Are Okay)”, is mellow until 1:58, when it picks up. “Here With Me” has a toe tapping/head bobbing, catchy chorus. “Kight For Me” starts off with the definition of the band’s name, then turns into a song that tells a story.

Their style of playing around with vocals and sound effects reminds me of This Century’s music. Other bands that Kight’s style reminds me of, would be: The Spill Canvas, Over It, Runner Runner, or old school Moneta (The Hope EP). If you like any of those bands, you should give Kight a chance. You can sample some of the songs from the album on their website. If you like what you hear, you can also pre-order the album at that same link. Don’t Forget to check out their facebook page for upcoming shows. Their album release show is on June 14th at El Corazon with Moneta.

Key Tracks:

Heart is the Home

Don’t Go

West Coast is the Best Coast

Here With Me - Hiding In Horrible Weather a Seattle based webzine


Album title: Fight to Fly 
Label: Independent
Format: CD, Album
Released: June 14, 2014
Genre: Alternative Rock
1.Love is the Season 03:00

2.Respect, Trust and Understanding04:02

3.Live Your Life 03:37

4.Heart is the Home 03:32

5.One More Time 04:23

6.Don't Go 03:46

7.West Coast is the Best Coast 04:06

8.All at Once 03:54

9.Set Your Sights 04:05

10.Changing on the Inside 04:03

11.Ad Astra per Aspera 01:47

12.DBYLAOK (Don't Break... Your Legs Are OK) 03:44

13.Here With Me 03:51

14.Kight For Me 03:33



Kight is a pop rock band from the suburbs of Seattle. The band name is a play on words representing a kite's "fight to fly," which is the title of the band's debut album.

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