Ki Ki

Ki Ki

 New York City, New York, USA

A brand new sound of alternative rock, funk infused into one, adding a unique blend of soulful sounds enriched with breathetaking warm yet powerful vocals.


In 1997, I moved back to New york City searching

to find what my heart most desired. My music.

What was I going to do, I asked myself. I was

working as a temp during the day, and UPS in the

evening. There wasn't much time for music,

because I had to survive in this big city with no

family and little friends. One day, on my way to

work, I was singing in the train station. Just

standing there minding my own business, when

two young ladies came over to me and asked if I

would be interested in auditioning for two

producers. Well, I was a little skeptical, because I

thought. 'People say all the time do you sing,

would you do this, would you do that, and no one

seemed for real'. So I said, 'self, you'll never know

if you don't try'. The next day I went to meet the

producers to audition for them. I was excited, but

scared, because I had no idea as to what they

were looking for, what they wanted me to do, and

what type of music would I be singing. I don't

exactly remember what I sang for the audition, but

it obviously was enough for them to want me to

come back and sing with the other background

vocalist. After auditioning the second time, they

asked had I ever been over seas. I thought,' Oh

my God, I'm a little girl from Baltimore, MD, I

studied classical music in high school and at

Juilliard, and the furthest I had ever been was

Coral Gables, Florida or may be California'. I quickly

responded by saying I didn't have a problem going

over seas, but I don't have a passport. In a matter

of five days, I had gotten a passport(with the help

of the record company V2 Records), and was flying

off to Oslo, Norway to sing background for an artist

named Billy Crawford. I didn't know who he was, I

just new I was excited about this opportunity. We

were flying every where. On this tour we had gone

to Norway, Sweden, England, and Germany to

name a few. I was so grateful to know that

something I learned in high school I could actually

use in the real world. I had taken German for two

years in high school. I wasn't culture shocked at

all. It was surreal, I couldn't believe all of this

happened because I was singing in the train

station. After that entrance into the music industry,

I had no choice but to follow my dreams. I was

blessed with gigs after gigs. I worked with Amel

Larriuex( Groove Theory), Kelis, club/house music

diva Ultra Nate`, neo soul siren Julie Dexter, and

Ndea Davenport who has just reunited with The

Brand New Heavies. All of these experiences

prepared me for the ultimate "mama" of rock and

roll, Ms. Nona Hendryx. I meet Nona after I had

just finished doing a tour with Kelis( The Fuji Rock

Festival) and we were flying from Japan back to

New York. There she was, my mentor. Only I didn't

know at that time that she was going to play such

an active roll in my life. She walked past me to

speak with one of my band members, and I was

like OH Shit!!! That's Nona Hendryx. I kept starring

at her so much that she finally decided to speak. I

thought to myself, 'Ki, please, please stop starring

at her'. She's going to say to you, "what are you

looking you have a problem...Ishe had the

look on her face like, who is this little girl sitting

here smiling at me obviously trying to get my

attention? When I tell you I was smiling...I could

have lit up all of Africa...sunlight to last for a few

days. My friend Portia finally introduced me, and all

I could say was Hi, nice to meet you. But in the

back of my mind I was saying,'I'm going to work

with you'. I knew it, I could feel it. I instantly knew

what style of music I wanted to sing. I wanted

something that was energetic, raw, electricfying. I

didn't want to be the typical R&B singer. I wanted

to be like women such as Nona, Tina Turner,

Melissa Etheridge just to name a few. These

women were doing it there way on there terms.

They had there our unique sound. Well, a few

months later I was givin the opportunity to sing

background for Nona at one of her shows in NY.

That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Nona has introduced me to several different types

of projects such as her play "Skindiver", a movie by

Charles Randolph-Wright titled "Preaching to the

Choir", Vaniece Thomas (producer of Nine Men's

Morris "It's a Wonderful Life" album) and many

more. At that time I began recording

background/feature vocalist with several different

artist. I worked with Q-Tip on "Kamaal The

Abstract" onlong with his new untitled album under

University Records, Raheem Devaughn "The Love

Experience", and some of my own club music

material with Waako Records, which is now being

played in various parts of the world. A


Beautiful Days

Written By: Ki Ki Hawkins

I salute the way you stand in the face of fear,
Can't keep walkin around like your two steps from death,
So many reasons to live.

Oh...Beautiful Days, Beautiful Days,
All my sorrow slip away,
I'm gonna fly away,
Cause it's a beautiful day,
So you better run and go,
And spread the message.

Try to break me down, tear me apart, but I'm standin here,
Can't take nothin for granted,
Cause I'm gonna live.

Chorus repeats:

Lost & Alone

Written By: Ki KI Hawkins

Blue skies, I'm never gonna see the light upon you face,
We've tried, forever in a day to make it ok.

Something, feels heavy in my heart and I just can't let go,
I know, I'm tryin to fight a losin battle, baby I don't know.

I never thought I find my way,
Cloudy days they come today,
Oh I'm, lost and alone,
Nothing else to say, baby you've gone away,
What to do babe.

Fast talker, you think that you can pull the wool over my eyes,
Your a faker, heartbreaker and you say you want to be mine,

I never thought I find my way,
Cloudy days come today,
Oh I'm, lost and alone,
Nothin else to say, baby you've gone away,
What to do babe...hey ya hey ya hey

Not a day goes by,
When I don't have you on my mind,
If I only knew,
What to do, that would change your mind,
Then you would be mine.
Hey ya hey ya hey


Written By: Ki Ki

I'm addicted to ya, baby
I'm addicted, to you
I'm so caught up, yeah
Makes me feel so good,
Heighten all my senses,
I'm addicyed to ya, baby.

How can I get away,
Do I,I,I, do I wanna stay

Brighter Days

Written By: Ki Ki

I woke early this morning,
Said I need to get away,
Take some time out to clear my brain,
Feel like I'm goin insane,
I wanna start all over, yeah
A new place, new scene,
Get tired of seein the same old thing,
Learn something new about me,yeah,
Oh, I fallin, yeah

Here comes the rain,
To wash away all my pain,
To let me know, it's gonna be ok.

Never thought I'd see another day,
Where I would make it out of here,
I take a step out on the ledge,
Let go of the fear.


There will always be, brighter days.


One Day I'm Gonna Get It

Written By: Ki Ki

I just wanna be quiet,
And listen too that soft inner voice,
Speak sweetly to me,
I need your tender touch,
My heart bleeds, I am weak, right now,


But I keep fightin, I keep strivin,
One day I’m gonna get it,
But I keep fightin, I keep strivin,
One day I’m gonna get it.

Standin here watchin myself,
Crumble from all my disappointments,
Trying to make all the right decisions,
To be a big sistah, a kind friend, a great lover,
A strong mother,
I deal with all the struggle, I feel all the pain…eh…


But I keep fightin, I keep strivin,
One day I’m gonna get it,
But I keep fightin, I keep strivin,
One day I’m gonna get it.




Raheem DeVaughn- "The Love Experience" 2005-track #12 "Catch 22"

Ki Ki "Euphoria EP" 2002

Nine Men's Morris- "It's A Wonderful Life 2002- track(s) #2-"Again and Again", #9-"Asteroids", #13- "The Kiss Off"

"You Don't Tell Me Anymore" 2002 Dance single
"Get Up" 2002 Dance single
"Thank You" 2002 Dance single
"I Cry" 2002 Dance single
"Higher" 2002 Dance single
"Keep it Movin" 2002 Dance single
"Give You What You Need" 2002 Dance single
"Did it for your Love" 2002 Dance single

Q-Tip- "Kamaal The Abstact" 2001- tracks #1 "Feelin", #2 "Do you dig you", #3 "A Million Times", #8 "Caring", #9 "Even if it's so"

2008 LaBelle "Back to Now"
2009 Q-Tip "Kamaal The Abstract"


Noggin- Jack's Big Music Show- Angelique Kidjo 2006
A&E-Nobel Peace Prize Concert- Angelique Kidjo-2002
B.E.T. Video Soul- Amel Larrieux-2000
Top Of The Pops(BBC UK)- Kelis-2000


"Preaching To The Choir"- Charles Randolph-Wright- 2006

Set List

Beautiful Day
I'm Here, Your Here
Like A Virgin
Lost & Alone
Sweet Dreams

My sets are about 40-45 minutes long.
My typical repertoire for cover songs usually consist of various artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Tina Turner, and Annie Lenox