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(Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington) Kiki's music sounds like it could have warmed a spot on a mid-'90s motion picture soundtrack geared toward teenagers. Those saccharine-sweet power pop arrangements recall imagery of girls gathering at a slumber party, spinning old Bangles records while they hysterically suck helium from birthday balloons and do Cyndi Lauper impersonations. Then, as they talk shit about all their ex-boyfriends, one girl accidentally confesses to another that she made out with the birthday girl's lover while they were "technically broken up." Hair pulling and scratches ensue. To complement such a storyline, Kiki's music would appear toward the end when best friends reunite after resolving that the betrayal was a farce and the one to blame was their shared boy-toy for temporarily sabotaging their friendship. EM BROWNLOWE - Portland Mercury


The Maybe Happening, Swim Swam Swum, Kiki
[GIRLY ROCK] Listening to the throwback power pop of all-girl sass rockers Kiki feels pretty much just like its MySpace claims: "A pretty girl slapping you in the face..and you liking it." Loaded with playful sexuality, these seriously lovely ladies aren't shy about going heavy on the keys or the high-pitched squeals and painfully cute/melodramatic vocals. If you love dancing to synth-heavy '80s pop but are pretty sick of the '80s Video Dance Attack at Lola's Room, checking out Kiki might just be the medicine you need. Complete with nylons, boots and Prince covers ("When You Were Mine"), Kiki's the closest thing to good, classic Cyndi Lauper you're gonna find these days. AMY MCCULLOUGH. Towne Lounge. 9:30 pm. Cover. 21+. - Willamette Week


Even if Phil Spector assembled a girl group out of Japanese schoolgirls in 1957 and dressed them up in sailor suits; they could never be as adorable as Kiki. Fronted by the candy-coated voice of Martha Mosqueda; Kiki's tough pop-smart four-piece could take The Go-Gos, Veruca Salt and the post-sell-out Bangles in a stand-up fight without breaking a heel; and that my friends is a show I would book at all costs. Until that golden day, this pristine bill will have to do:

The Maybe Happening
@ Rotture - Portland, OR - Rotture, on website


EP - currently unreleased
We have our EP recorded, mixed and mastered. Now, all we need is a label to adopt us and put it out for us!!!



Kiki got it's start in Eugene, OR where Martha and Shelby were both attending the U of O. When they first met through mutual friends these ladies were unaware that they both played music! Then, one night nearly a year later, Shelby mentioned that she played the drums. Martha jumped at the opportunity to start a band. The very next day Shelby moved her drum kit in to Martha's garage and Kiki was born. With Martha's roommate Amanda playing bass the girls excitedly set up a myspace page for their band. Soon, Nancy, a young bassoon-playing classical musician emailed the band asking what she could do to help. As it turned out, she owned an old Casio keyboard from the 80s! A quick meeting took place at a local deli and like that, she was in the band! Kiki enjoyed a small amount success in Eugene playing many shows at venues like: The Downtown Lounge, Sam Bond's Garage and The WOW Hall and opening for such acts as The Gore Gore Girls, Why, and Aqueduct. When both Martha and Shelby graduated, the girls decided the next step would be to take over Portland. Martha was the first to move in January 2005, then Nancy in June and Shelby in August. Amanda, still hard at work on her college degree, stayed in Eugene. Finally all relocated to Portland Martha, Nancy, and Shelby managed to find a new bassist, Nancy's new roommate, Jen, who was also a classically trained pianist and gifted musician, singer and songwriter in her own right. Things were going well for the girls and they began playing shows in Portland and writing new music. In the summer of 2007, Jen married her boyfriend Davey. Martha, Shelby and Nancy were bridesmaids in the wedding. Unfortunately, after marrying Jen and Davey moved to Vancouver WA and Jen was unable to continue playing with the band. The search was on, once again, to find an awesome female bassist! Luckily, Martha was working in child care with a quiet young woman named Debra. They casually talked about playing music and when Martha listened to Debra's track on myspace, she was blown away! She invited Deb to meet the band and the rest is history. Kiki is now back and better than ever!