Kiki the Eco Elf

Kiki the Eco Elf

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Kiki the Eco Elf is an interactive, colourful children's entertainer with environmental sustainability as a focus. She offers musical dance party sing-a-longs, interactive games, face painting and clowning.


Award-winning BC singer/song writer Tanya Lipscomb has been working on something new, fresh and exciting. Being a mother of 3, an early childhood educator and an advocate for ecological sustainability, it was only natural for Tanya to leap onto the children’s entertainment stage.

Kiki the Eco Elf is the name of the character which Tanya has been developing over the last three years, in the hopes of teaching children about the importance of protecting our environment in a fun, engaging and educational way. Kiki offers educational, enthusiastic musical performances, story-telling, and workshops. Previously Kiki has performed at schools in Alberta and BC, in municipal libraries, at community events, music festivals and fairs.

Her brand new self-titled album is a hit with the kids. World-class musicians, catchy lyrics and diverse musical styles including blues, folk, rock and hip-hop combine to create a brand new sound for kids of all ages with a conscientious message.

During Kiki's live performances, she uses stories, music (guitar, mandolin, bass guitar and piano), songs, rhymes, puppets, games and theatre to convey her environmental messages. Kiki performs 45 minute musical performances that cover topics such as alternative energy sources, protection of land diversity, the 3 Rs (mainly reduce, reduce, reduce) and disappearing species. She offers children simple ideas, solutions and actions to carry out, empowering them to help minimize our impact on the environment. With colourful costumes and hair, imaginative, interactive songs, stories and games and a contagious enthusiasm, Kiki is capable of inspiring children to be the difference we need to see.

Kiki also offers a workshop called “Dumpster Diving Drums” where she provides materials and shows how to make different percussion instruments out of trash. This is followed by a dumpster diving drum session (jam) for young and old alike! The length of the workshop is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. This is an intergenerational workshop focusing on bringing awareness to trash, reusing “would-be” waste materials, promoting rhythmic conversations using instruments and creating collective musical ensembles (jamming).


Since "Kiki the Eco Elf" is a new character coming from singer/songwriter Tanya Lipscomb, she has a few albums out before "Kiki" came along. Here all of them are in order:

The Living Room Sessions 2004
Another Living Room Session 2005
Be The Difference 2008
Treat the Earth Like a Friend 2009
Kiki the Eco Elf 2010
Sing your Song 2010

Set List

Let's Treat the Earth Like a Friend
How Many? How Many?
On the Organic Farm
Care about the Air
The Outhouse
4 Little Monkeys
Go Green
What is the Environment
The Kiki Song
I'm going to Plant a Garden
I Feel Alive
Going to Save the Planet
The Town's Terrible Decision
I am SO Grateful