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Kiki Wow


Sexy feel good music. If you like the stylings of Sheryl Crow, Carole King or even Karen Carpenter, then you will be refreshed by the cool vibe that Kiki creates. Stellar musicianship and charismatic Kiki puts you in the right space any time you hear this CD.


Kiki's music masterfully blends several genres described best as a mix between soft pop/acoustic rock with beautiful vocals - a well produced CD -- Not only is Kiki's communication with a live audience is so funny and connected, her songs stay in your brain in repeat cycle. Usually after 5 songs you've heard enough of a singer, but every one of Kiki's songs is different one from the other, and either makes you horny or happy and preferably both! Her first release, "Audiobiography" was sadly burned in a freak fire caused by her dog who was hit by a car, blinded, then 2 weeks later bumped into a candle and her house caught fire. After two more years of dedication to finish what she started, Kiki is popping with anticipation to share this new and improved release entitled "Back To Nature." She jokes, the first CD was about my Ph.D in Pain, this 2nd CD, however, is about my Ph.D in Pleasure! It's upbeat and heartfelt. Read more "WOW" true stories on - you won't believe what you read!

Official bio of Kiki Wow:

“Surprisingly very original acoustic-vibed soft rock music with lyrics that stay with you long after the song is over” is how one journalist described the sound of singer/songwriter Kiki Wow. Kiki Wow has taken the drivers wheel of the Valley’s grass roots coffeehouse scene and has established a name for herself not only as a performer, but as a promoter as well. Kiki current hosts the most popular open mic in the world with a six camera live webcast at Kulak's Woodshed every Monday night. She also is a DJ for KCSN 88.5 FM Arts & Roots Radio broadcast throughout southern California and the world at with her show "The Dylan Hour."

Early in the game, Kiki cut her musical teeth behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Kiki started on the path in Ohio as the bass player for local prog rock outfit Citadel. Citadel set its sights on the bright lights of Hollywood, packed up their belongings in a panty hose truck converted to a mobile studio, and hit the road. Once in L.A., Kiki was hard at work and co-promoted the first of five annual international “Progfest” concerts held in Los Angeles featuring bands all over the world, along with Citadel through a series of successful progressive rock music fests that drew audiences from all over the globe.

But fate was holding a different set of cards – Kiki went the way of the wind and went solo. Within months, she began to record new material, and play acoustically in the L.A. club scene and at local coffeehouses. She shared the stage with many musicians and has integrated herself into a network of unbelieveable acoustic singer/songwriters in the world. Kiki is a master networker on the music scene in L.A. She cares about the success of others as well as her own which is what makes her music nights so real, down to earth and magical.

Kiki has performed in the most prestigious clubs from The Knitting Factory, The Gig, The Roxy, Platinum Live and every notable venue in between. She prefers the valley scene over the L.A. music scene in terms of conveniences and expenses to her audiences and discovered the perfect listening room where she’s a resident player and host of a weekly music show featuring one talented artist after the other. Kiki says, “I dubbed my music night as “Woodstock in a Coffeehouse” because it has something magical about it that I haven’t seen in years. It’s a comradery between musicians and people hook up both musically as well as a building of audience members with all of the new listeners.

Along the way, word of Kiki’s show and musical talent has to spread from the local coffeehouses to the music industry. “Her voice is the real star of the show, ranging between a deep sultry alto and ethereal falsetto,” opined venerable trade magazine Music Connection, who noted not only Kiki’s beautiful voice, but her lovely songwriting, which they called “well-crafted and played with precision and feeling.”

Word of Kiki’s prowess also reached the ears of local producer/keyboardist C.J. Vanston, who has played keyboards with N’ Sync, Melissa Etheridge, Toto, George Michael, David Crosby, Barbra Streisand and Julio Iglesias. As an arranger and producer, Vanston has worked with Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Prince, Dolly Parton, and Spinal Tap. After hearing Kiki’s tunes and her sincere delivery, Vanston decided to produce her song “New Year’s Day” and recently finished her new hit song, “Back To Nature” at his Treehouse Studios in No. Hollywood.

Currently, Kiki hosts the most successful open mic night anywhere in the world every Monday evening at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood. Every artist that comes through these doors knows that this place is different than any other venue in L.A. and not only do they get to play to a packed room of new and enthusiastic listeners – but the entire world can watch the 5 camera live webcast and can write in as the performer plays. This very state of the art musi


Back To Nature

Written By: Kiki Wow

Back To Nature
By: Kiki Wow c. 2004

Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature

He hikes through the mountains
He guides through the trees
He understands the flow of nature
This gives him harmony, he is free
His spirit is free indeed

He grips the rocks with great assurance
He hoists himself to heights of awe
Repels back down the walls of death
And ponders not the chance of fall

Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature

He jumps and flies off planes and cliffs
With modern wings he soars
Spiraling circles in the wind
Into the blessed air
There goes the windman
There goes the windman
With adventure in his hand
Fly, fly, fly – gotta get away get away
Back to Nature, Back to Nature

Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature

Top Of The World

Written By: Greg Williams

Written by: Greg Williams
June 16, 2002

Sun was so hot
Path was so long
I didn’t think I could make it
All uphill
We traveled until
We found a place in the shade

It’s all right
Long as it’s night
It’s all right
Here at the top of the world

Night was so clear
Stars were so bright
The desert was perfectly still
Except for the light
Of the gown of God’s wife
That fell from incredible heights

It’s a cool breeze
Through Joshua trees
Hope I don’t freeze
Here at the top of the world

There by the fire
Drenched with desire
Crazy laughter revealed
High on the rocks
We shattered the locks
That kept us from knowing what’s real

It’s a cool breeze
Through Joshua trees
Hope I don’t freeze
Here at the top of the world


World" and "Back To Nature" were produced by Grammy Award winning CJ Vanston and "It's New Year's Day" was used on ABC's "Norm" show aired in 2002 and also received radio airplay in 2003. "Time To Wake Up," "Hunny Bunny" and "Light Blue Mood" were on the soundtrack of Indie Producer Kurt Hull's film entitled, "Siblings" in 2003.

"Memories To Keep" received webcast airplay on "Juliette's Music Webcast Radio Show" in 2003

1st Solo CD entitled "Audiobiography" almost released in 2000 was destroyed in fire.

"Come To My Kitchen" featured on VegTv

5 LPs released as bass player for rock band "Citadel" and 40,000 copies sold independently throughout the world.

Set List

In The Summertime (soft pop rock)
Back To Nature (sexy groove soft rock)
Time to Wake Up (awesome catchy a.m. radio song)
My Leading Man (acoustic pop rock)
Sunshine Girl (beautiful melodic acoustic)
Remember What Is Real (pink floyish mellow)
Top Of The World (produced by CJ Vanston/written by Greg Williams)
Captured by Chemistry (flute acoustic rock)
My Insatiable Self (bass slappin/kiki rappin)
Hunny Bunny (funky honky country pop)

Sheryl Crow; Heart; Seals & Croft; I Can See Clearly; CSN&Y, The Eagles, Heart, Yes, complete songbooks of covers