Kiko Freitas

Kiko Freitas


Kiko Freitas is a natural singer/songwriter who believes in the power of melody and words, a passionate troubadour who loves to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing. Kiko has played all kinds of music for an original sound full of ingredients.


Kiko's style remembers where he believes pop music began, from the Beatles to the great pop movement of the 70’s with songwriters like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and bands like a Genesis, Yes, and many others. Kiko's passion for live performance entertains listeners from all walks of life.

Frequently performing at clubs and other venues, Kiko sings songs of love lost, love found, and living the journey in between. It’s something for everybody.


My Guitar - 2004

Set List

2 sets of 50 minutes, each consisting of 20 original songs and 2 covers (U2,Oasis)