Kiko Strokes

Kiko Strokes

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
SoloHip Hop

My music is very personal. The listener feels as if they know me already by making that connection. Very hip hop oriented and relatable. Life, relationships, dreams and everything in between. I show its ok to just be yourself while maintaining an amazing stage presence.


My name is Kiko Strokes. I am a hip hop artist from Jacksonville, Florida with a story to tell. What sets me apart from other artist is simply being myself. No one is going to have a story similar to mine because it is all me (as corny as it sounds). Not to mention a very commanding and energetic stage presence. My music is very hip hop oriented and personal. Influences range anywhere from Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Biggie, J. Cole etc. My main influences though are just the things that I see, what I go through, the people I meet and situations I've occurred. I grew up in a loud latin environment and was raised by a single mother my whole life, so it reflects on the person I am today and the ambition I have. What really separates me from the everyday artist besides my music is my stage presence. The energy is consistent throughout the entire set and more importantly a connection is made with the audience. I make sure the listener feels the same emotion I feel when performing the songs, whether its sad and personal or energetic and carefree. 


Mix tapes- Just A Reflection, You.Myself and I, For What It's Worth

Singles- Take Me Home, F.O.O.L, The Arrival

Radio Airplay - Power 106.1 (Artist to lookout for edition)

Set List

Ranging anywhere from 15-50 min. Can be shortened or extended to meet needs if necessary.

-The Joy in Pain
-The Arrival
-(short acapella)
-Fall Out of Love
-They Aint
-Real Enough