Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Kilbourne is an original rock band born and brewed in Milwaukee!  A progressive mix of heavy riffs & clean melodic passages with edgy vocals to offer a dynamic, captivating sound of homegrown rock & soul with a side of evil genius.


"Road to Nowhere" - 2018

"Chicken in my Pocket" - 2018

"Live" - 2018

"Trial & Error" - 2013

"The Pipe Down EP" - 2011

Set List

Original Kilbourne Songs:
Anyone, Batman, The Beard, Blue High, Chillan, Eyes Awake, Hard Fall, Kingdom, Liberty, Replicate, Solitude, Union, Whisper, Liberty, Bowling for Dollars

Cover Songs with a Kilbourne Twist:
Wicked Game, Boys of Summer, Days Forgotten, Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground, Hungry Like the Wolf, Knight Rider, Lakini's Juice, Mad World, Once in a Lifetime, Possum Dr. King Love, You Oughtta Know