~~~THERES SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE HERE~~~ Fast tempos and some heavy riffs then add some some in-your-face guitar solos. Their diverse style will keep you on your toes for their intense live show.


Kildrifter was formed in May of 2006 by four friends who have been playing in different bands for over 20 combined years. Before playing together the band mates had been involved in many local bands such as Boom Candle, Pontos River and The Caffiends.

Growing up with different musical backgrounds, they each brought to the table their own experiences to the songwriting. Its not the work of any single member in the band. Everyones part of it and that gives the music its edge. They took all of their own individual creativity to form the band now known as KILDRIFTER.

The band has been touring non-stop throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. These guys recently finished their work on their first full length which is due out in Oct. The touring will continue in order to promote that CD and widen the growing fan base.

The audience is made up of people under 18 and 18 to 35 years of age. This is based on show turnouts and from feedback.


~ Winners of 2007 Movie Battle of the Bands for
the Illinois International Film Festival.
(selected to have music prominently featured in an upcoming horror film to be shot in the next year and being able to contribute to the film's DVD Extras with a video of their song.)

~ Being selected to have music Prominently featured in Independent Horror Film "DAMAGED"
Premiered August 26th 2007

~ Being a featured artist on SKRATCH magazine sampler cd vol.#33. 5000 copies distributed. w/ our ad featured in SKRATCH magazine (CA) 140,000 readers




Having opened for and headlined with some excellent national touring bands like the great! SUPERNOVA, FINAL SUMMATION, THE SECRETIONS, SUPERSUCKERS, DOWN WE GO... as well as Crustacean Records' bands! THE GUSTO, DROIDS ATTACK, and SKINTONES. Minneapolis' 20 DOLLAR LOVE, plus many many more...


Can't Get It Right

Written By: kildrifter

So many sleepless nights of blaming me, it's come so easy. Hollow promises wrapped in the need to turn the volume down. More words taken the wrong way, just another reason to start a fight. I'm the same person as when we met, I'll be the same when I leave.

Just let me go now, the good times have run out. It's been so long now, It's starting to wear me out. Try to mend the pieces but we still continue to fight. So many years now, I just can't get it right.

It wasn't all that bad, not as bad as it may seem. You never took me for who I am, just what you thought I could be. More words taken the wrong way, just another reason to start a fight. I'm the same person as when we met, I'll be the same when I leave.


Written By: Kildrifter

Everything is colder and darker these days, Im heavy and weighted in so many ways, fingers dug in, Im holding on. Self-improvement and work just to bring back the joy, all work and no play just makes me a dull boy. Fingers dug in, Im losing the fight.

I can't keep my hold on, my hold of it all. Im pacing on old fights stained onto the floor. The scene never changes, I'll take what Im given, its hard for me to hold on for all seven.

Everything just feels like a series of tests, I drink it all down and refill with regret. Fingers dug in, Im holding on tight. Walls closing in, I'll go for the ride, the cold is getting harder to push down inside. Fingers dug in, Im losing the fight.

So long...Take a step outside, outside winter cries. So numbing but feel the mood. A cold winter night, a soul out of sight. Isolate the darkness of the night. We'll hold on for all seven.

Save My Soul

Written By: Kildrifter

A trial for three, accepting their fate. A crime committed, "we know that they did it now lock them away!" A judgement of taste, a judgement of fear. An image created, innocence faded now we've got our three.

Can someone save my soul? I've been stripped of all control. I've been taken from this land, somebody save me! They're so weak but they're so strong. They've kept me here for so long, on convictions so unjust.

Contradictions again, the story's unclear. A tenuous claim just easy to blame but they'll be set free. High hopes in the end, while the closing is near. A challenge to face, come back from disgrace but they'll be set free.

Waiting for your last breath. A lesson to many at best. Welcome that day, the last. Only regret left so much to accomplish.

Maybe it's Me(But I'm Pretty Sure it's You)

Written By: Kildrifter

You don't know when to stop, but I know when to go. You're pounding on the walls when Im standing at the door.

Another Friday night, which you've ruined by the way, pieces all around me. Well maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure it's you, while you try to analyze me. First you have me, now you lose me. I had to walk away. First you have me, now you lose me. You don't get to have your way.

You have a certain way of hearing what you want, but nothing that I tell you. Well everything was fine, 'til you started up again, causing problems like you do. First you have me, now you lose me. I had to walk away. First you have me, now you lose me. You don't get to have your way.

It hasn't been so long, since you've been on your own. If I've been a little short with you now just leave it alone. Have you ever listened to me? Do you care what I have to say? Your mind is blind to the outside. When you fall down, will you throw it away?


**5 song EP- "Centurion"
(released Dec. 23rd 2006)
cost/ 2$ (300 copies) sold-out

**8 song LP- "Red Hour"
Due out late October 2008
$8 (1000 copies) 1st pressing

Set List

Typically about a 40 minute set
Set list:
Face of Tomorrow
Can't Get it Right
Ready to Run
Save My Soul
Maybe it's Me(but I'm pretty sure it's you)
"I got nothin'"
This Kinda Low
The Watcher