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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States | MAJOR

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"May Out and About from the PA Musician Magazine"

"They play some psychedelic jam band music that is simply amazing." - in response to our performance at Appalachain Brewing Company's "8 Bands on the 8th" fest hosted by Rountable Presents.
- Rachel Rocks

"Excerpt from the "JTTDPOTO" Album Review"

"Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean is a majestic piece of music that borders on the surreal. The music captures the preparations of a deep sea dive. The anticipation of the boat crew scurrying about the deck, checking the oxygen mixtures in the tanks of the sub are correct, making sure the hoses are puncture free, going over the charts as their boat sways over the gently lulling ocean waves. The story carries on as our divers immerse themselves in the underwater delights, reeling in the fantastic voyage of discovery as unknown species of fish carry on their daily routine. The musical styling can best be described as a conglomeration of The Police and Pink Floyd with a touch of dissonant guitar to bulk up the sound and brought to life with a vocal performance from a subdued Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil fame. Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean is a little proggy, a little psychedelic, a little jazzy, and who lotta’ raucous as the band takes on one hell of a trip." - Pope JTE

Full Article Found @ - The Ripple Effect

"KV Live in Philadelphia (Blog)"

This is a link to the blog posting that was published shortly after we added the "KV Live in Philadelphia" video to our websites.

Enjoy... - KV

"Kilego Vert: A New Sound from Harrisburg neighbors"

By Patrick Bloodsworth, Sentinel Correspondent, August 13, 2009

When listening to a new band, the names of similar acts typically pop up with haste. The latest country act may conjure thoughts of Brooks and Dunn or Gretchen Wilson. The latest punk-rock sensation may remind us of The Ramones or The Clash.

The ambient music of Kilego Vert, pronounced kill-ego vare, conjures few comparable acts. The band has developed a sound all their own for audiences.

Tyler McCollum and Kevin King were neighbors, and sharing a cigarette on the back porch led to sharing a stage after recruiting Brian Heisey to play the bass guitar in 2004. For five years the trio has been working to refine their music, and offer a new sound for audiences. Their music is ambient, but filled with energetic solos and psychedelic riffs.

Their original sound stems from an open-minded approach to song writing.

“Everything influences us to do what we do,” says McCollum. “Everything that we have taken into our minds and our consciousness up until that exact moment when we pick up our instruments together influences how we will play – something as simple as eating a piece of toast or something as grand as meeting Jimi Hendrix’s ghost.”

The trio frequents venues such as The Lingerie Room, Appalachian Brewing Company, Tubby’s and The Champion Ship. The bands they play with have very different sounds, but it’s not itimidating for Kilego Vert. They enjoy playing their original blend of rock for unsuspecting audiences.

“It feels great to play for an audience that’s expecting something familiar,” says Heisey. “Our music stands out, and there’s nothing better than seeing that people in the crowd are catching on to what we’re doing.”

Samples from the band’s past album can be found at However, that album is not all the band has up their sleeves. They are currently working on a new EP, “Three Electric Bears.”

The trio is working to tighten up and improve their music for the EP, and the members are planning to give their songs a more refined structure while still maintaining their own unconventional style.

“We want to express ourselves with a less time consuming package,” says McCollum.

“Three Electric Bears” is expected to be finished by this coming fall. The band will be giving plenty of performances in the mean time, check out their MySpace page for dates, times and samples of their music.

- The Sentinel


Our debut release "The Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean" is a 3 song epic (originally one long song that was later split into 3 parts due to modern times) taking the listener to the bottom and back. Check out the samples on this Sonicbids page or visit our Myspace page to sample the tracks and a bonus track. You can purchase the album through various record outlets such as Amazon, Borders, Best Buy, etc. Track listing is as follows: 1. The Dive 2. Sum Kind of Exploration 3. Resurfacing; Bonus track: Melody's Myriad



KV is certainly the result of suburbia infused fate. Ty and Kev were neighbors for quite some time before a simple back porch conversation over a cigarette in the summer of 2004, sparked the creative combination that makes up two-thirds of the current lineup. Well, what about the other third? As material began to become organized and songs came to be written, bass players seemed to roll in and out with the breeze. The time was now fall of 2006 and the project that would become KV still had not gotten its final member. It just so happened that a guitarist would change all of this. Ty and Brian were going to a local community college now and had been friends since middle school at this point. They had been pursuing their musical careers separately until Brian picked up a Bass that was left in Ty’s basement and an impromptu jam-session became the catalyst for what is now the trio. The three quickly began to work on material for their main life-line of live shows which consist of mind expanding originals, improvisational experimentation, and amazing covers from bands such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Grateful Dead and Umphrey’s McGee. After gaining a reputation in the counterculture of Central Pennsylvania for their jaw dropping performances and unpredictable live sets, the band started to be recognized by musical outlets of the area such as The Pennsylvania Musician magazine, local promotion companies such as The Doctor’s Office (KV was nominated for “Best New Artist in the 717” in their 2007 music awards), and local newspapers such as the Sentinel - they have also recieved national recogntion from a popular indie music blog called "The Ripple Effect" and you can find the article in the press section here on their EPK along with the article that was featured in the Sentinel. The band has just released their debut studio album entitled “Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean” (Zodiac Records ©2008) which is a forty minute long dive to the bottom and back. Inspired by the great progressive-rock compositions of the past few decades, the 3 track epic indefinitely features the band’s musical savvy and their contrasting free spirit - they are currently working on a half live, half studio album to capture their love for the live show which will be released sometime in 2009. KV are only headed upwards right now – as the three continue to grow each time they pick up their instruments together, their music has only grown with it. Expect to see anything from these guys –from psychedelic freak-outs to computer-like math rock and from tightly knit original pieces to intelligent on-the-spot jams and covers, the sounds of KV will have you calling yourself a “kilegan” in no time.