Kilego Vért

Kilego Vért

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

We are KV. 3 cats just making music to see you through. Combining styles from any type of music you could think of into what could be called "a new kind of jam band". We stress our live sets which can consist of straight up rock, electronica experiments, psychedelic freak-outs and prog-technicality.


KV is certainly the result of suburbia infused fate. Ty and Kev were neighbors for quite some time before a simple back porch conversation over a cigarette in the summer of 2004, sparked the creative combination that makes up two-thirds of the current lineup. Well, what about the other third? As material began to become organized and songs came to be written, bass players seemed to roll in and out with the breeze. The time was now fall of 2006 and the project that would become KV still had not gotten its final member. It just so happened that a guitarist would change all of this. Ty and Brian were going to a local community college now and had been friends since middle school at this point. They had been pursuing their musical careers separately until Brian picked up a Bass that was left in Ty’s basement and an impromptu jam-session became the catalyst for what is now the trio. The three quickly began to work on material for their main life-line of live shows which consist of mind expanding originals, improvisational experimentation, and amazing covers from bands such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Grateful Dead and Umphrey’s McGee. After gaining a reputation in the counterculture of Central Pennsylvania for their jaw dropping performances and unpredictable live sets, the band started to be recognized by musical outlets of the area such as The Pennsylvania Musician magazine, local promotion companies such as The Doctor’s Office (KV was nominated for “Best New Artist in the 717” in their 2007 music awards), and local newspapers such as the Sentinel - they have also recieved national recogntion from a popular indie music blog called "The Ripple Effect" and you can find the article in the press section here on their EPK along with the article that was featured in the Sentinel. The band has just released their debut studio album entitled “Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean” (Zodiac Records ©2008) which is a forty minute long dive to the bottom and back. Inspired by the great progressive-rock compositions of the past few decades, the 3 track epic indefinitely features the band’s musical savvy and their contrasting free spirit - they are currently working on a half live, half studio album to capture their love for the live show which will be released sometime in 2009. KV are only headed upwards right now – as the three continue to grow each time they pick up their instruments together, their music has only grown with it. Expect to see anything from these guys –from psychedelic freak-outs to computer-like math rock and from tightly knit original pieces to intelligent on-the-spot jams and covers, the sounds of KV will have you calling yourself a “kilegan” in no time.


The Dive

Written By: Tyler McCollum

Suddenly, I'm Sinking
Suddenly, I'm Sinking
Illumination is Fading.
The Water is Speaking
The Water is Speaking
But are you listening?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6
Take my hand.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Touch the sand.

The Pressure is at Its Peak
The Pressure is at Its Peak
Imagination is Running Wild.
The Sneaking Little Creatures
The Sneaking Little Creatures
It's Evolution's Child.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6
Kiss the Sea.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Sink with Me.

Sum Kind of Exploration

Written By: Tyler McCollum

Now that you have chosen to take the dive, you must realize that there is no going back - no going back at all.
Unable to see what you already possess, do not regress.
The journey to the deepest part of the ocean: it is an eye opening journey indeed yet all light is absent.
But it is this absence that enables one to truly see - it is this absence that enables one to be truly present in both time and in space.
You will find everything.
You will find nothing.
Will you find anything?
There's gotta be something.
There has got to be something.
There's gotta be something.
The journey to the deepest part of the ocean.

Let the water surround you.
Let the water consume you - and cleanse you that you may wash away all you were ever taught, all you learned that was the truth, and all you were conditioned to.
Let the water surround you.
Let the water consume you - and cleanse you as you may wash away all you were every taught, and all that you learned was the truth, and all that you were conditioned to.


Written By: Tyler McCollum

Going back to before, then means more and now is here and I am near. Near is not there, there means nothing and reaching out is always something. This journey is something, this time discovering, this deep, this nothing - this is not for anyone. Let us resurface, let us resurface.

I have never seen a sun so bright.
Where have I been all of this time?
I've resurfaced with a brand new soul.
Could it have been? Can it be so?
Yes, now i recall that black of the deep.
Unlocking those questions with a golden key.
It's not for the meak - a grand concept to grasp.
I must tell the others but I can't go back.
I won't go back.
Can't go back.

Melody's Myriad

Written By: Tyler McCollum

Safe and sound, yes we're safe and sound.
Chained up like a dog, chained up chained up chained.
Look me in the eyes look me right inside.
But you can't can you? Don't let them do this to you.
They've led us to deep, to deep into the green.
There is no path out but there is a path back home.
We have beautiful Melody and her song will be the guide.
She does not ever judge, no, she does not ever judge.

Her voice will be the flood - machine gun machine gun.
Please do not try and run as she possesses the cure.
A symphony of blue - the blue of her great flood.
Do not be frightened, she is leading the way.
There is no other way.
The mystic movements of Melody's myriad will motion, motion many more of us modern men to march on.
March on forward.
March on.
March on.

When the water recedes where will you be?

Strange Weather We have Been Having Lately?

Written By: Tyler McCollum

Fog and the full moon.
Not a cloud in the sky.
Wind and her whispering words, from the corner of my eye.
And it felt so strange...

Darkness and the disappearing stars.
Moonlight is now erased.
Thunder and a world that rumbles.
Without a hiding place.
And I felt the rain.

A Clearing and a red on the horizon.
The air is now still.
Daylight and a new beginning.
Brought by the morning's chill.
Strange weather we have been having lately?


Written By: Tyler McCollum

I believe the heads will explode if we continue with this ungodly load.
There's nothing more we can do, nothing we can do.
I believe there has been a mistake but they say everything's going just great.
How can we reach you when this is not the real you?

Sometimes I hear whole symphonies while other times I feel empathy.
This is not how it's supposed to be.
Please define forever for me.
It's found in the endless seas and that is where we will meet.

I believe you have got it all wrong.
It won't take that long.
There's plenty of hours ahead and plenty of more minutes to come.
These nights are getting crazier and these dreams so unreal.
We will find a way or by god we will create our own.

Sometimes I hear whole symphonies while other times I feel empathy.
This is not how it's supposed to be.
Just take me far away.
It's too bad that I cannot stay.
I guess we will meet in outerspace...

Sometimes I feel like I have lost my mind while other times I am completely fine.
Are these words even worth your time?
Just put yourself in my shoes.
I swear you got a lot less to lose.
We all sink in the ocean blue.

Chapter 3: The Helix

Written By: Tyler McCollum

Buncha Freaks
Let's Freak Out
Buncha Geeks
Let's Geek Out

Electric Light
Before Lights Out
Let's Light Up Night
Before Nights Out

Think We'll Roam
Let's Roam Now
What's An Ohm?
Let's Ohm Now

Picture An Inside
Drop Inside Now
Formula Of 25
Drop 25 Now

Gather The Souls
Gather The Ghosts
Pick Up Yer Sticks
Pick Up Yer Fixx


Our debut release "The Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean" is a 3 song epic (originally one long song that was later split into 3 parts due to modern times) taking the listener to the bottom and back. Check out the samples on this Sonicbids page or visit our Myspace page to sample the tracks and a bonus track. You can purchase the album through various record outlets such as Amazon, Borders, Best Buy, etc. Track listing is as follows: 1. The Dive 2. Sum Kind of Exploration 3. Resurfacing; Bonus track: Melody's Myriad

Set List

Our typical set is usually one long experiment. We love the excitement of improvisation though we also enjoy the joy of a technical breakdown that leaves the listener with their jaw on the floor. We love throwing in cover riffs and songs meshed into our sets to get a nostalgic feeling with our audience. Some original songs we are performing right now are "Chapter 3: The Helix", "Big Ole Bear", "Electric Shoes", "Strange Weather We Have Been Having Lately?", and also various covers ranging from Pink Floyd to Radiohead and back to the Grateful Dead.