Dinslaken, North Rhine-Westphalia, DEU

Even though their debut was entitled "Kill the Kilians", not even their rapid success kills those five young men so quickly. The new album "They Are Calling Your Name" is a massive step forward, including reflective and grown up indierock songs with amazing melodies and great instrumentation.


Hooray, they are still alive, even though their debut album was entitled "Kill the Kilians"!
But nothing kills these five young men so quickly. Not even their rapid success!

Before their first CD was even released, the Kilians played their Indierock to massive crowds at "Rock Am Ring" and "Rock im Park" festivals. Since then they have been invited to play as support for acts like Coldplay, the Babyshambles, Mando Diao, Razorlight or The Cooper Temple Clause. The clubs they played their own shows in grew bigger and bigger. You couldn't turn on your radio without hearing their singles "When Will I Ever Get Home" or “Fight the Start”. In 2007 they were nominated as "Best Newcomer" at the "Eins Live Krone" award, which is Germany's biggest radio award. In 2009 they are nominated in the category "Best Live Act"

German music press always especially mentions that such a band comes from a town like Dinslaken, a white spot on the music map of Germany. As if Liverpool, Omaha or Borlänge always had their international reputation in the musical world!
But it's not that bad growing up in a small town in the Lower Rhein Area: Out of boredom you either play football or form a band. (Surprisingly, there are some bands from Dinslaken with a record deal, but not a single successful football club!)

Dinslaken is still the location of their rehearsal room, the town itself is no longer the home of the band: With exception of bassplayer Gordian, who lives in Bochum, the band moved to Cologne. The new song "Hometown" is not a hymn to the beauties of "some cities", it's an euphoric and melancholic memory to old friends and the town that shaped them, Dinslaken.

All in all, the new album "They Are Calling Your Name" sounds more reflective and grown up in comparison to their debut. Their songs are still bathed in teenage naivety, sure. But on their new record, the Kilians want more than just "good songs", they should have something. The lyrics are about the minor and major disappointments of life, the feeling that "something isn't right", or, as Simon (Vocals) puts it: "Thoughts that run through your head when you are my age." The first single "Said & Done" is a perfect example for that.

Very self-critical the band worked on the improvement of their sound with the aim of creating atmospheric, more intoxicating songs. It shouldn't be "club music" or "stadium rock". The acoustic guitar, always Simons favorite compared to the electric guitar, is more present than before. But still, the Kilians are a rockband: The guitar lines of Dominic Lorberg and Arne Schult are very filigree and playful, the tight bass by Gordian Scholz and drums by Micka Schürmann makes it easy to imagine the dancing crowd in front of the stage.

Actually, the band just wants to play live and convince the people. "This is the only form of pressure we know", says singer Simon den Hartog.


Fight the Start (EP)
Release: 17.04.2007
(released by Universal Music)

Kill the Kilians (Album)
(released by Universal Music)
Massive Airplay of Singles: "Fight the Start", "When Will I Ever Get Home" and "Enforce Yourself"

Said & Done (Single)
Release 03.04.2009
(released by Universal Music)
Massive radio & TV airplay

They Are Calling Your Name (Album)
Release: 10.04.2009
(released by Universal Music)
massive Airplay of singles "Said & Done" and "Hometown"

Hometown (Single)
Release: 10.07.2009
(released by Universal Music)
massive Airplay

Set List

1. The lights went off
2. Enforce yourself
3. Legally fly
4. Inside outside
5. She's so tired
6. You should be thinking of me
7. Hometown
8. Said & done
9. Fight the start
10. When will I ever get home
11. Tackern
12. Sunday

13. Fool to fool
14. You talk
15. Used to pretend
16. Money (new song)