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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Surface Unsigned Festival 2009 Review"

These guys are fast, lead singer Jason shouts out lyrics faster than some kind of WWII chain gun.
There was destruction in the sound that came from Kill 21 and I could hear it clearly, like red Indians in the desert, you don’t have to see them to know trouble is brewing. Fortunately not trouble for us; trouble for the airwaves and trouble for you, because once you are in their sights they won’t let go. The music had the same kind of force as progressive bands like RHCP and Rage, the kind of sound that swallows you whole, yet surprises you with the attention to detail.
These aren’t just head banging punks from the street, they want you to listen to the music, and I’m more than happy to oblige. - Surface Unsigned Festival 2009

"Pugs Hole Review"

Whether the vocals are sung or rapped depends on your perspective, I believe it is a mixture of both, but I could be wrong. A 5-piece London based band, their hard rock allows the versatile front man the chance to either rap or sing. Think Linkin Park but completely devoid of the hip-hop influence. This will give you some idea as well of the momentum of the songs that are driven, like cattle, by the charismatic front man who wastes no time in getting the audience to shake their booty’s down to the ground. - Pugs Hole Bonanza


Kill 21 EP - Available to hear on MYSPACE.COM/KILLTWENTYONE




In 2008 Kill 21 was created from the ashes of previous projects and moulded into a single unique sector of rock . The two founding members, Blake and Rusty were tired of the meaningless pathetic sound that current trends were spewing out

Forging a connection they've had personally for years into a musical one, they decided to break away from the sounds of today and write songs that showed they're influences, reminding audiences what music once was. Drawing inspiration from rock giants such as AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more, these two wanted to write songs that were fun, heavy, and showed audiences what real rock was about!

Next into the fray was bassist Glenn (also of Gunslinger). Bringing huge support to the guitars, Glenn has shown his capability as a strong songwriter, talented musician and incredible live performer, giving the band extra power to tear crowds with

Completing the front line is singer/songwriter Jason Lipman. Jason debuted his skills playing venues as a solo acoustic act, however a new side to him has been shown in his powerful performance as frontman for Kill 21. Versatile vocals and meaningful lyrics are just a couple of talents this man brings to the table, not to mention Jason makes sure audiences get involved in every aspect of the show

Last into the mix was drummer SmAc, also of Sower. The backbeat for Kill 21 contains aspects of several genres all fused in to one individual style.

So far, 2009 has seen Kill 21 reach the Semi Finals of the Surface Unsigned Festival and Live & Unsigned and they have headlined venues such as Bull & Gate, Water Rats, and more. There 's still much more destruction to come! Come to the shows. See for yourself!

This is Kill 21!