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Nothin to say, no bones to pick. Not a line, no words to spit. Camo flag I'm lookin sick, Ready to pop like banana clips... My careers startin' to spark like flint, you know how I keep it fresh like mints... You think you ready to rap my friend? Watch me as I condescend!


In this world of fake people and crazy dreams,
A million crack heads and some lazy fiends
I try to pick a side and define a team
sometimes you hallucinate and scream
People are so self-centered and mean
And never seem to get any better than me
But when you wake up to reality
Things are never as they seem.


Plexity - The Outbreak (EP)
4-0 - Fallen Warrior (EP)

Set List

Intro, Count to b a 9, Black on Black, Never as they seem, Roll out, Stay Back, Soldier, Corrupt, Late Nite Clubbin, Politically, Hell Naw, Playin Me, My Fault, et al
30 min - 1 hr sets
Rap/Hip Hop!