The Killabliss sound is modern but with an oldskool influence. Combining heavy groves and memorable melodies, killer stage presence buy each and every member as well as a huge full live sound, Killabliss is a band on the rise and the band to look out for!


This is the band with no story, no borders, no

limitaions. Just heavy hitting hard rock. The music

explains the rest.



Written By: Rich bruck

So you dont want to see,
so you dont want to be with me.
I guess I'll go and leave you now.

I can't convince you,
So Ill have to rinse you away,
and lose it all untill theres nothing left of you.

I would have died for you, you know and I would have tried for you forever

When you call.
Call out for me
I wont come running anymore
And when you fall.
Fall to your knees
to stage your pleas, Ill feel at ease, Cause we'll be enemies

And now you turn on me too,
worse than a stranger, who are you to think you never have to care.

And I have to live now,
And I have to show myself how,
to kill it all until theres nothing left of you.

I will never cry for you. Id rather die, than have to live and think about you.

I cant believe you never thought of me forever, and I cant believe you didnt see what I could be without you.

Lonely number one

Written By: Rich Bruck

I’m not the one I used to be
There’s someone else inside of me.

He’s not the one you used to know, and I’m not sure just how far he’d go,
I’m just a faded memory.

And I don’t know what I did so wrong
And I’ve been wondering so long.
So I put the past to rest for now, and took a breath of peace somehow
And tried to show that I was strong

And I figured it out without any doubt. I’m just the lonely number one. And when everythings done, when I start to come undone I'm just the lonley number one.

I see the scars I see the pain And maybe everyone’s insane
Maybe ill just have to go and get started with the show in someone else’s masquerade

And if your crying out to me
In some dark cloud of misery
Just remember what I had, and just keep clenching to the bad. Don’t lose your sense of misery

And you’ll figure it out without any doubt your just the lonely number one
And when everything’s done, and when some new life’s just begun, you’re still the lonely number one.

I’m not the one I used to be.
And maybe someday ill be free
When I’m tired of the pain, when I’m shot down once again
Ill shake these pieces of debris.


Killabliss ep...who is to blame for the inevitable?

full legnth album will be out soon.

Set List


For whome the bell tolls (Metallica)

Lonley number one (Killabliss)

Enemies (killabliss)

Free (killabliss)

Ace of spades (Motorhead)

Livin for me (Killabliss)

She makes me (Killabliss)

Creating a killer (Killabliss)

One (Metallica)

Serenity (Killabliss)

Get away (Killabliss)

1 hour set