Zion, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Keith "Killah" Smith knows how to rock the crowds with his mad skills; and is one of Unlimited Production Music’s most versatile artists.


Rapper Keith (aka "Killa"), was born on October 28, 1986 and raised in Zion, Illinois. While attending Zion Benton High School he found himself mingling with the wrong crowd. After realizing their lives had no direction and not wanting to be influenced by them for the remainder of his life, he changed schools and completed his high school education. Coming out of high school, he had a passion for two things: computers and music. When he returned to Zion, it would be his passion for music that would take over his career and life. Like most, he had been a fan of music since childhood—always beat boxing and rapping with friends. As he grew older, he realized that through his love for music, he was developing a strong talent in rapping. He hooked up with his cousin Robert (aka “RoB”) who had been working on a music project in the studio and began to work on his skills even more. All of the practicing and performing is paying off.


100 Swag single (September 2010)
When I Hit The Club single (November 2010)

Set List

2 wireless mics, 2 monitors, 2 mic stands, 1 electrical outlet