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Fontana, California, United States | SELF

Fontana, California, United States | SELF
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"Fontana band builds fan base with very high energy music"

Fontana is famous for producing a wide array of talent, including both rock stars and professional athletes. Not to mention putting the city on the map with the birth of the Auto Club Speedway.

So why not keep the talent and fame coming? A group of individuals more phenomenal, fearless, and driven than the racing that takes place at the speedway are planning on doing just that.

Who are these individuals you ask? If you listen long enough, you might even be able to hear who they are without me saying so. For their sound is so inviting and fierce that people from all different walks of life can embrace them, maybe even enjoy them once given the opportunity.

I speak of no other than Fontana’s very own: Kill Butterfly.

These seven gentlemen are on the verge of taking over the music scene and upon going to show after show, it is easy to hear why.

Kill Butterfly (formerly known as Missing Pieces) was established in 1999 by two brothers: Gibbz Gavin Gonzales and Trust Sebastian Gonzales.

Gibbz was set with his vocals and Trust with his drums, but felt incomplete and enlisted childhood friend, Erik Arentz, who plays guitar.

Yet, that still wasn’t enough for the hard-hitting, “ghetto-rock” sound that the brothers wanted. So they asked their cousin Albert Gonzales to join them as their second guitarist. Albert’s metal background with former bands provided them with the edginess they were looking for.

The brothers, setting their expectations to yet a higher level, asked their cousin Daniel “D2” Cruz to join them. D2 brought with him his electrifying screams for back-up vocals and sampling skills to give the band a little extra something during performances.

By the time 2005 came around, another friend of the guys, Garrett

“G-Rock” Nelson, who plays bass, was added to the mix.

And finally, DJ Panic was asked to join the band to add clever mixes and intros to the songs, allowing D2 to focus solely on his vocals.

With all seven members intact, Kill Butterfly (whose members include Fontana High, Kaiser High, and Citrus High alums) works endlessly to perfect its sound in order to provide one of the most thrilling sets an audience will ever see.

These men are not just guys in a band; these men are entertainers, musicians, professionals, and top-notch performers that give 200 percent when they go on that stage.

Back-up vocalist and screamer, D2, describes a show as such: “Up in your face and out through your finger tips just like a shockwave. It is high volume and high energy!”

Ask anyone (really) who has been to any of the band’s shows, and they will tell you that Kill Butterfly is a good time.

Kill Butterfly has been performing for 10 years all over California and in parts of Nevada. They are even set to tour across the United States at the end of August and into September.

Locally, they have performed almost everywhere. In June, the band performed at two separate competitions at the Improv in Ontario Mills, both of which they won. The first competition was all hip-hop and rap artists, so Kill Butterfly was the only hard-rock band to perform that night, but yet the group left victorious. The band members were in shock that they were able to win over hip-hip/rap music fans with their performance. But their fans weren’t. Kill Butterfly has that affect on people.

Audience members Alex Cordova and Topher Keiningham both agreed that Kill Butterfly reminded them of Linkin Park.

Alex went on to say that “Linkin Park should want to sound like Kill Butterfly.”

At the second competition, Kill Butterfly competed against musical artists from various pathways, and as mentioned before, won again!

A fellow competitor, Victor Mena, from the singing group The Mena’s, had this to say about the band after the show: “These guys should be playing at Staples Center or any big amphitheater, not here [at the Improv]. They should be opening up for big name bands.”

Mena, who never heard the band before, said “with that kind of stage presence, they deserved to win.”

They truly put on a mind-blowing show, and that is because their musical backgrounds and extensive (and impressive) resume led them to this point.

For example, Kill Butterfly has played shows at the Whiskey A Go-Go, House of Blues, and at the Roxy in Hollywood. In fact, this past week, the band performed at the Key Club in Hollywood (a show which the band dedicated to the late Michael Jackson).

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In February 2008, they also headlined a show at the Grove Theatre in Upland.

They have also played with hip-hip historians Digital Underground. They have also shared the stage with rock bands such as Crazy Town, Otep, 3rd Strike, and Divide the Day.

Not to mention, some of their songs are featured on a motocross DVD entitled “Fleshwound Films Crusty Demon’s Crusty X.” They have even worked with actor, T.J. Cunningham, who starred on Pamela Anderson’s TV show “VIP” when it was on the air.

The band released its first CD entitled: “6-0-clock” in 2003. That same year, the group won a Battle of the Bands competition for local alternative radio station X103.9FM.

Kill Butterfly is set to release a self-titled EP this summer along with a DVD.

The band members are busy, to the say the least, but are still waiting for their chance to break out of the cocoon — hence where their name comes from. The band members see themselves as a caterpillar which at any point can emerge into a butterfly and fulfill its musical destiny. However, if the music industry does not allow the caterpillar to reach its potential, they kill the butterfly.

Kill Butterfly’s experiences have made the band members who they are today, and frankly they would just like to play their music to the whole world. With their upcoming tour at summer’s end, hopefully someone will break open the cocoon for them and allow them to fly above all expectations.

Lead singer, Gibbz Gavin has high hopes: “Kill Butterfly is Mainstream GhettoRock! We are the leaders of this musical revolution. Our mission is to wipe away the lines and let artists speak directly to their fans without pre-determined ‘in’ styles.”

If you cannot wait for the tour, go check them out on July 8 and Aug. 12 at Lake Alice in Riverside. Both shows start at 9 p.m.

For more information, including tour dates, upcoming shows, and/or if you just want to listen to their music, visit them at or at

(Amanda Carlos writes a column on a regular basis for the Fontana Herald News.)

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"Letter of Recommendation"

Sean Healy Presents, Inc.
-. Phone: 323-651-1582
7095 Hollywood Blvd. #794 I I Fax: 323-651-2643 Hollywood, CA 90028


Trevor Carlson
Manager, Kill Butterfly
TC Management, Entertainment Management Services
8375 Vicara Drive
Alta Lorna, CA 91710

To Whom It May Concern:
This is in response to your recent request for a letter of recommendation for the band Kill Butterfly with whom I have had the pleasure of working with on several occasions.
Being a production manager for one of Los Angeles's largest booking agencies, I have had an opportunity to work with hundreds of bands of all genres. Based on my experiences with bands and management I am compelled to
say Kill Butterfly is one of the most professional groups I have ever worked with. They have consistently shown a strong work ethic, and the ability to follow through with all aspects of promotion and performance. On
numerous occasions they have proved that the spotlight belongs squarely on them. Performing under artists such as Digital Underground and Zack Hexum, they have proved not only that they belong on the stage with these artists, but they have also earned the right to consider themselves peers.
On the interpersonal side, they have always been courteous and respectful to both production and club staff. They have displayed a great sense of humor and positive attitudes even when faced with last minute schedule changes or issues with sound.
In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with them, I can unreservedly recommend Kill Butterfly to you for any tour or concert venue openings. If you would like further elaboration, feel free to call me at (323) 651-1582
Steve Montez
Manager, Production

- Sean Healy Presents

"Recommendation Letter"

Fontana Adult School

9453 Citrus Avenue. P.O. Box 5090 . Fontana. CA 92334-5090

(909) 367-6666

TO: Whom It May Concern
FROM: Pat Meagher, Principal
Fontana Adult School

RE: The band "Kill Butterfly"


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the band, "Kill Butterfly". In my former position as Student Activities Director of Fontana High School, I booked the band to perform for several lunch-time assemblies.

The band performed a number of selections, and were
very well received by our students. Their attire was professional, they arrived and left exactly on time, and were very appropriate in their music and behaviors.

I booked a number of bands, and "Kill Butterfly" was one of the best for both showmanship and professionalism. I would highly recommend them for participation in any type of program.

- Fontana Adult School

"Kill Butterfly Working Hard at Self Promotion"

The music industry has a very competetive atmosphere. All professional musicians are in the constant struggle to stay up in the game. Since there are hundreds of different genres of music out there, some might assume it is easy to make it in the music industry. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

With so many singers, musicians, bands and/or groups out there fighting for their place in the limelight, only a few make it. Despite the odds, many up-and-coming artists are staying true to themselves and sticking to their dreams. Competition is no reason to give up, it only makes them want to work harder. I think anyone can make it in the music business if they really want to. It's all about working hard, dedicating time and effort and never giving up hope or losing self confidence.

Coincidentally, these are characteristics of rap-rock band Kill Butterfly. The seven-man band from Fontana, California, just released their new music. The band has been working hard in the past year to produce their first official CD. They are also planning to go on tour.

These guys are not just your local band. They are actually working to get somewhere. They play shows all over Southern California and they produce their own merchandise. They promote themselves by any means necessary, whether it be on the radio, the Internet, through friends or family and with various companies. On a more clever note, they even bought a Chevy van that will seat 15 passengers, which they covered with their picture, logo and Internet website address so that everyone see who and what they are.

Instead of waiting around for record deals, Kill Butterfly is taking their destiny into their own hands. "Six O'Clock" is their own original work consisting of 11 very intriguing tracks filled with powerful lyrics and equally rocking instrumentals. As a result of its release, the band held a big CD-release party last month at the Civic Auditorium in Fontana. The party/concert was put together courtesy of none other than Kill Butterfly. They had 5 groups open for them that night. MOB Records artists Project III opened up the show. They are a rap group also out of Fontana. Next up was The Undergrads, a pop-punk band from Redlands. Following them was the rapcore group Silas out of the Claremont/Montclair area. Divide the Day from Colton was the last band before Kill Butterfly went on.

Kill Butterfly rocked the Civic Auditorium to its fullest. They put on an amazing show filled with heartwrenching vocals, strong drum beats, guitar solos and bass slaps that were overwhelmingly entertaining. The crowd was on their feet, a mosh pit was going and everyone, band included, was having the time of their lives. Concert-goer Melody Gonzales said,"Kill Butterfly was so good. They put on an incredible show. They looked like they belonged on stage, they were so professional in their performance."

The CD release/concert was a success. The band proved they have what it takes to make it in the music industry. They deserve lots of credit because they are doing it on their own. Their debut CD will be available in stores soon and they are planning to hit the road as soon as possible.

For more information on Kill Butterfly you can check out their website at - Amanda Carlos, The Sun


2010 Singles "California Life" & "Killer on the Radio" are currently being played on stations accross the U.S.

"Americas Favorite Unsigned" Released 2006
"Six O'Clock" released 2004

Radio airplay on X103.9 FM

Kill Butterfly have opened for such national acts as Digital Underground,Crazytown, OTEP and Hotwire.

Appeared on The Carmen Electra Show.

Fleshwound Films used the song "Two of Us" in their latest extreme freestyle motocross DVD "Crusty X: Decade of Dirt" 12/23/04

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Kill Butterfly
The Voice, The Movement, The Liberation

Kill Butterfly is Musical Revolution

Kill Butterfly is a MainStream GhettoRock band from Southern California that introduced it's style to the world on MTV's Battle For OZZFEST. The group has lead the invasion of the GhettoRock genre, delivering main stream hard rock mixed with rap and other personally influenced styles.

Their recent single release of "California Life" has been set to destroy and has been predicted to stimulate this stagnant rock scene. By collaborating with top Hip Hop artist such as Onyx, YA BOY, 3rdStrike and producers Pete G., Blake Proctor, and Darian Rundall the band has proven its overwhelming acceptance into the Rock and Hip Hop communities.

With powerful driving singles like "California Life" & “Killer on the Radio,” the band’s fan base continues to grow on a daily basis. The video release of "California Life" has also had a big part in the current buzz surrounding the band. Gibbz Gavin, lead vocalist, comments “My lyrics are really catchy, but I think it’s the truth behind them that makes them so memorable.” D2, witness and backup vocalist, agrees and seals key lines with his signature screams. The guitar playing of Albert and Erik continue to stun even the most intricate musicians by unleashing monster distortion that flows into melodic dream sequences driven by the heart or bass and drums. With G Rock on bass and Trust on the drums they strive to push each beat deeper and deeper into your chest. Finally DJ Panik tops it all off and hypes the crowd adding keys, samples and scratches.

Kill Butterfly was established in 1999 under the name Missing Pieces by brothers Trust and Gibbz Gavin. They quickly made a name for themselves in their hometown of Fontana, CA, which at that time was known as the meth capital of the world, amongst other notorieties the city carried. After a few line-up changes in 2000 the band stole guitarist Erik, a childhood friend from another local band. The music grew stronger and faster.

In 2001 the band decided it needed a second guitar after hearing the intense sound another band displayed. The brothers, Trust and Gibbz Gavin, called their cousin Albert who is the former guitarist for the bands Death, Evil Dead, and Rise. With Albert’s experience in the metal scene the band quickly polished their sound. It was also at this time that the band with an already enormous sound called on D2, cousin to the brothers and of course one of the original roadies of the group, to add samples, keys and screams.

By 2003 the band had made its way to the top of the local scene winning X103.9FM’s battle of the bands and self released their debut album six 0’clock which sold just fewer than 10,000 copies. The band started performing with national acts such as Crazy Town, Otep, Digital Underground and more. The band did so well that they were able to sell out places like the Roxy and the House of Blues with little promotion.

In 2004 one of the band’s songs was featured in a Fleshwound Films Crusty Demon’s Crusty X video which pushed them into the motocross scene. In the same year the band had also been featured on MTV’s Battle for Ozzfest and was rated one of the top three California bands alongside friends Divide the Day, and Manntis, both of which are now signed and touring.

In 2005 the band put out an EP titled America’s Favorite Unsigned which quickly caught the attention of Attorney Todd Cooper who represents Incubus, Daft Punk and others. Cooper was able to send an A&R for Atlantic out to one of the gig’s at the Roxy. Atlantic offered a production deal, but no marketing. Without marketing support the group knew that they needed to turn down the offer and press on.

In late 2005 the band added G-Rock who, as an avid roadie and bassist, knew every song after the band lost their bass player. In 2006 Gibbz Gavin also partnered with actor T.J. Cunningham, who was a regular on Pamela Anderson’s V.I.P., to produce a major concert in the Inland Empire. The bill was to feature Kill Butterfly along with Nonpoint, Otep, and Drowning Pool. Another road block was soon in view, the week of the event Gibbz Gavin received a call from booking agent Andrew Goodfriend (TKO) asking why the event is cancelled. Having no answer for him Gibbz Gavin calls T.J. to find out that he pulled the show due to lack of ticket sales. The band had beaten themselves up for months after this incident and decided to take some time away from the music scene to reevaluate themselves and their passion for music.

After being apart for over a year the band had taken the time it needed to reset itself, regroup and come back stronger then ever. In February 2008 Kill Butterfly hosted its first show and invited local friends and artists, Divide the Day, 3RD STRIKE, and more. The Grove Theater welcomed them to a packed house. With this successful jump start the band knew they needed to start writing

Band Members