Pietro Sirianni

Pietro Sirianni

 New York City, New York, USA

Hard hitting act that serves up a concrete slab of music.


Kill By Inches, the hardcore groove band started back in '93, has recently begun to create a massive buzz on the New York scene. With the addition of vocalist Rene Davis the band has found it's "missing link" and promises to quickly rise from the underground to reach a broader group of aggressive music fans. The band spent years in the clubs circuit, through out the tri-state area, displaying great song writing, heavy, tight rhythms and major league chops. In 2002, the present line up (Pete - guitars, kEv - bass and Steev -drums) released their third self titled cd. Fans and critics raved about the release, but the band knew that to really compete with the top metal bands on the national scene, they'd have to enlist the help of a pro. Rewind to approximately 12 years early. A band called Triality, led by a 15 year old bassist named Danny Nelson and his older brother on Roy guitar, opened for another band, Kill By Inches. It took 12 years for them to reconnect and join forces to put out some of the most gripping, groove drenched, heavy music imaginable. Check out the new KBI line up as they showcase their incredible noise through out the NYC area.


The Playground
Dying Mind
Down To Three
Kill By Inches
"Mad River"