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"Song Review"

January 7, 2009
Song: Assisted Genocide
Rate The Recording Quality: ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION!
Rate The Vocals: Like The Vocals...
Rate The Musicianship: They Nailed It!

The is only one thing typical about this death metal song and that is the growling vocals. This is one of most original compositions in this genre that I've ever heard. The changes throughout are outstanding leaps of creativity. It kept my attention. Whereas most metal songs, to me, become the same dark dreary mumblings of an angry artist, this particular tune has value beyond the ordinary. In my opinion, this is how it should be done. The beginning riffs treat your ears to a beautiful melody that leads your senses astray and fools you into thinking this CAN'T be metal. Nope, wrong genre, surely this is a contemporary rock ditty only heard on movie soundtracks. The guitar work stands out as a true mark of talent this band possesses. Like I said, the vocals are typical of metal and that is to be expected, however, added with the background singers and fluctuations of the lead, I have to admit I am impressed. It just sounds GOOD. Very tight, with a sense of exploration and flow, this is a group with a lot of promise. I'll be looking for more. - X Rating from Gigootz

"Another Review of Assisted Genocide"

This is very compelling. The female vocals add a dimension here that isn't usually reached for in this genre. Excellent work! Welcome to Gigootz! Peace, Billy Insencia

- Gigootz

"Winterpalooza 2008 Live Review"

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Winterpalooza 08
Show Review – 1/11/08 @ Studio 7 (Seattle, WA)

Kisw was hitting it hard with the ads and pushing the bands for a great show!! The night started off right and kept getting better for me as it went on. I rode up from Olympia with a buddy of mine named Joe –who's cousin is in the band SAYN - playing tonight. We had a blast catching up and then we arrived there at the Best Damn ALL AGES Venue in SEATTLE –STUDIO 7-.

We met up with Josh from SAYN and went on inside before the show while the bands were loading in! I saw a few people I had not seen in a long time. The First band of the Night

Now I have known Char the guitarist for years. But were we in a for a surprise as the band got on stage to do sound check his Daughter Shalyn (16) was up there as a vocalist in the band as well. This young lady belted out screams that gave me goose bumps. Their Set was fast, Furious and highly energetic. They played with an intensity that made the other five bands on the bill have to step up! Watch out for this band as they have two vocalist that are fresh to being in the band scene and will only get better and more powerful.
- Dave Conn of XTRM Productions


Kill Closet (Self Titled Full Length)

Track List:
1-Faith Atrocities
2-Force Fed
3-25 Year Itch
4-Assisted Genocide
5-Fear Me
6-Threat Of Life
7-Hold Me Down
10-Caustic Halo
12-Atrocities Of Man (The Judgement)
13-From My Eyes

Assisted Genocide, 25 Year Itch & Fear Me have been played on countless internet radio shows as well as KISW in Seattle on Loud & Local as well as Metal Shop.




The long version: This band has it's roots in another project called Calloused that started back in 1994, Char, Chuck and Travis were all founding members of this band and released a cd called Aggression Therapy that had moderate success both locally and internationally. The project disbanded in 1997. Travis went on to play in bands such as Agony of Deceit and Beltfed Weapon. Chuck left the state for career opportunities and in 1999 Char reformed Calloused with the original vocalist and released Violence 101 in the year 2002. After changing vocalists in 2003 the band name was changed to Kill Closet and had a short run of live shows before too many internal issues caused a meltdown. At this point Char continued writing and vowed to spend the time it took to reform Kill Closet into the band that he had envisioned from the early 90's, a band that would be happy with challenging themselves and playing to once again have fun. (For more history on Calloused check out

At long last: The only way this project was going to work was if it had an exceptionally fast drummer, Travis once again became available and things began to click. Next into the band was Donnie who was much younger than Char and Travis and had never sang before. He brought the excitement of being new to music and the potential of being a top notch metal singer without all the drama. We did some recording that turned out great but were looking for some haunting clean background vocals that Donnie wasn't quite comfortable doing, Char's daughter Shalyn offered to record them, she was 15. She came in and not only did the cleans but screamed as well and was immediately added to the lineup. Dave joined while pulling double duty playing bass in another band , he has since made Kill Closet his sole project. Chris (Dead) was the final piece and we started playing shows. When Chris did not work out Chuck (who had since moved back to town) jumped at the opportunity to join, switching from bass to guitar and learning to play while recording his tracks for the new cd. The band is now clicking and writing like never before and are anxious for whatever lies ahead. Working from our own recording studio has given us the opportunity to explore our music more than ever before and allows us the option to record whenever we're ready. As of 2009 our age range in the band will be from 17 to 40 and has contributed to our wide range of influences and writing style. We have to play all our 21+ bar shows at this time without Shalyn and write our music accordingly but all that will change as of June of 2009, until then if you want to see her live you'll have to make one of our many all ages shows. We are looking forward to playing with all the great bands that are out's an awesome time to be playing METAL!!!!

Bringing generations together with metal: When we started performing live we concentrated on playing all ages shows to bring all our friends and family together. Soon we were driving throngs of kids to shows followed by them bringing their parents. We don't curse in our music and take pride in the fact that we can play angry music with positive solutions to world problems and self discovery being a recurring theme. Then we started a tradition of going to breakfast after every show with our following of kids to hang out with them (Silvana Denny's being our favorite) and soon parents were sending extra money for kids who didn't have money to eat with. It has become a safe weekend ritual for many teens in the Marysville - Arlington area and we are very proud they all continue to join us.

Benefit Shows: We are always up for a benefit, through the years we have played for many charity organizations and will play as many as we can before we stop making music. When a band has as much positive support from their fans as we do it would be slapping karma in the face not to give some of that support back to those in need in our community. Some charities we have raised funds for have been researching cures for cancer and cystic fibrosis as well as PROTECT, an organization fighting for tougher laws on adults hurting or exploiting children.

The Awards: In Feb. of 2008 we were filmed at a show at the Vortex in Mukilteo for a Seattle Public Access music show called Hot Rocks. On the show we were interviewed live by Steve Rock of KISW and 4 of the videos were shown, a great experience, especially for our rookie vocalists who at the time of filming looked like deer in the headlights having only been singing for 6 months prior. Then we were invited to attend the 2009 Hot Rocks Music Awards at the Triple Door in Seattle which was being aired live on March 15th. At the show we discovered we had won both peoples choice awards, Best Band and Best Myspace as voted on by fans of the show and bands. Our goal now is to continue having as much fun as possible and we'll see what comes our way.