Killed By Bears

Killed By Bears


Sparkling, hand-crafted power pop in a vein similar to Big Star, Model Rockets, Posies, Old 97s, New Pornographers and early REM. Strong harmonies and unique instrumentation - cello, accordion, trumpet - in addition to the classic trio of guitar, bass and drums.


Killed by Bears is comprised of four former members of respected Portland indie-folk band 'Dearest, Crown'. Over five years D,C recorded two albums and performed throughout the Northwest. Listening to Killed By Bears, it is hard to miss the alt-country and folk influences of "Dearest, Crown", but the mandolins and fiddles have since been replaced by plugged in guitars, more harmonies and a tighter, more aggressive sound. Killed By Bears released their eponymously titled debut CD in the summer of 2007.


Something About New Years

Written By: R. Martin

Close up all the windows
Pull the sheets from the beds
Leave a light on in the kitchen
Drop the keys in the mail...

I could leave on a Sunday
Brush the hair from her face
Drive six hundred miles
Forget New Years Day

It's so hard to remember
The warm December
The gift it was that I gave
It's so hard to remember
Do I still seem the same?

Found a photo in the basement
Ten years folded in some page
Does she have the same picture
Does she see the same day?


Killed By Bears' self titled album is available on Lather Records.

Set List

Typical set includes 12 or 13 songs and lasts about 40 minutes.