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"One Thousand Pounds" Available on and Itunes.

"End of the World" Available on CD Baby,, DiscMakers, and coming to Itunes.



The Biography

“Throw it down, for everyone you know”. That has been the theme of Killem Gillem’s independent push into the music scene of Los Angeles, CA. The band’s name was taken from KG founder Shawn “Beaver” McCoy’s grandmother. Gladys Gillem traveled the hard road to stardom. Amazingly, at the age of 19 she became one of the first ever lady wrestlers and worked as a Carney wrestling bears and alligators. In a way her stage name, and now the name of the band, “Killem Gillem” is a metaphor for believing in something and then going after it with ferocious tenacity until it is yours. That is the design that the band pursues here and now.

The current creative endeavor for Killem Gillem is their brand new recording “End of the World”. This CD was written and recorded with precision and meticulous effort in order to capture a new sound in hard rock. A unique heavy sound that fuses together the essence of Ska, Punk, Rock, and Funk to make Killem Gillem its own unmistakable blend of music. The Killem Gillem sound fuses a mix of musical influences like Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, Operation Ivy, Bad Religion, Murphy's Law, Foo Fighter's, and Pennywise, to name a few. Heavy guitar lines, with flowing melodic harmonies… driving rhythms and heart pounding bass… all creating music tied together with a seamless blend of vocals that are both stirring and captivating. Killem Gillem draws you in and makes you its bitch…

Within the band are five accomplished musicians that recognize that the key to enjoying any journey is to savor every moment along the way. By doing this, KG is able to illustrate life’s little eccentricities through their music. They portray both the good and bad, the lessons learned, and the wisdom that is attained. That is KILLEM GILLEM:
Beaver-Lead Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Zack-Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Mike-Lead/Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
Brendan-Drums and, Backing Vocals
Beaver founded the band in 1997 after parting with a popular LA Ska-Rock project. Soon after, Beaver would begin collaborating with original Killem Gillem members Josh Fink (Drums) and Kurt Lane (Bass). The trio embraced the energetic Punk/Ska sound, and made it their own. Killem Gillem worked tirelessly to write and release the band’s debut CD “One Thousand Pounds” in 1999. This recording embodied the raw, driving sound that is now the backbone of the KG sound. In Beaver’s never ending search to explore musically, he sought to add another guitar to the lineup. Enter Zack Dingman, whose perfect blend of precise syncopated lead guitar lines along with bone crushing rhythm style, defines him as an integral part of the band. Soon after came a point in time when Killem Gillem’s musical evolution needed to be completed. Enlisting the veteran talents of Brendan Reynolds (Drums) and Eddie Jucius (Bass), the band was now finalized. Bringing with him a diverse musical background, Brendan’s slamming grooves, precise time and unbelievable creativity, immediately changed the scope of this project. His talent adds immeasurably to the writing process, and his vocal ability is top notch. Eddie Jucius, the final piece of the KG puzzle, is by far the one of the purest bass talents in Los Angeles. Setting out to prove this to himself, he earned a demo deal from Atlantic Records for a project he jammed with in 2002. He was also offered a position in Zwan, fronted by Billy Corrigan of the Smashing Pumpkins, but turned it down to make his own way. His remarkable artistic talent, along with his relentless driving style, and amazing stage presence, are the glue which brings together the remarkable new sound of Killem Gillem.

Killem Gillem is currently in full swing, playing numerous dates and supporting their latest inception, End of the World, which is quickly taking the underground rock scene by storm. Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies), makes a guest solo appearance on the hard driving track “Live for Today.” The band has built an amazing community of fans in Southern California, as well as on The numbers started in the hundreds and are quickly rising into the many thousands of great people, who want to see the success of KG almost as much as the band itself.

“End of the World” has been released from numerous internet outlets like CD Baby, as well as Snocap on Killem Gillem will continue to work to give fans of their music more options when it comes to accessing their music, videos, photos and artwork. They have already begun pioneering new ways of doing so including the invention of the video flyer, exclusive to Killem Gillem and friends of the band. The band aims to always be one step ahead of what’s happening right now. With their powerful music and the universal message of “pushing on through” no matter what the cost, Killem Gillem is poised to take the world’s stage and shine.