Killer Kong

Killer Kong

 Midland, Michigan, USA

Killer Kong is a psychedelic blues rock outfit from Midland, Michigan beyond their years as well as before them. Old school and new wave all at once combined into a fresh new sound unlike any other.


Killer Kong is a psychedelic rock trio from Midland, Michigan, a fantastic sound explosion to write home about. Loud guitars and slick twelve-bars mean blues so deep you can only feel the bottom, and stellar grooves to improve your mood. Their rock 'n roll will make your night, but the catchy hooks are good for life. Nate McConnell, Alex Nemeth and Jesse Aho make a scene on drums, bass, and guitar, with a sound that goes far, over the bleachers, left field. That's the deal.


Too Nice Blues (Single) - Released Digital Only February 2, 2012

Set List

45-90 minute set of 95% original music.