Killer Me Killer You

Killer Me Killer You


Killer Me Killer You is energetic, driving, and unusually sexy alternative pop rock with an edge. Demographics be damned.


Killer Me Killer You once threw Pop-Tarts to a crowd of 4,000 at 10:00 AM. After winning 105.7 The Point's Battle for Pointfest, they have played with the likes of Atreyu, Staind, The Offspring, and The Used. Their debut EP "Lets Drink To The Countdown" has given them the jump-start they need to hop in their purple van named Large Marge and take their high-energy fusion of rock and pop to smiling faces far and wide.


Let's Drink To The Countdown (EP) - 2009
1) Leaving Lost Words (2:47)
2) Drive By Suicide (4:57)
3) Dirty Vegas (3:35)
4) Whatever You Like - T.I. Cover - (3:39)
5) I Fear This May Be Asbestos (3:00)
6) Running Circles Around Your Grave (3:06)
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Set List

Sets are typically under 45 minutes and normally fall in the 30-35 minute range. We can play up to and over an hour should the situation call for it.

We will always adapt to our surroundings and situational needs.