We like to write good songs and jam. We don't like to be defined by genres, because we get into different kinds of music at different times, so we write songs we like and we can have fun. We always like to stick to our roots in rock, but we love to explore what's included in that category.


Killfish started as a bandcamp solo project for Ike Clateman. He used it to make angry and weird music (often with off tempo drums, created by a computer loop). Then Ike started playing with his brother Charlie, and decided that he was gonna need a guitarist. They played songs and recorded them for Killfish while jamming with Nate Getz for fun on weekends. After months of hard, awesome jamming with Nate, Ike and Charlie decided to give him a set position on keys in the band. Shortly after, their friend and multi-instrumentalist Nathanael Grandbois started jamming on drums, and they decided quickly that he should be Killfish's percussionist. Now, as a full band, Killfish is working on their next album "Wobble Road", and are eager to show off their stage abilities to the listening world.



Written By: Ike Clateman, Charlie Clateman, Nate Getz

Coming from my bottom

from my bottom to my top

I had just seen my brother

Hadn’t known he called the cops

The officer walked in

He asked me how I’d been

We talked with one another

Till it seemed it was forgotten

A taller man came through

He said “I’d watch out if I were smart

If this happens again and I catch you

We won’t be too far apart

He said he’d better not see me again

Or it “won’t be as easy my friend

He got back into his car

I hoped that this was the end

Never meant to cause you any harm
Just frustrated and dilapidated my mind
Never meant to cause any alarm
just dont understand people of my kind

Up For Grabs

Written By: Ike Clateman

It was a hoax
I was tricked from the start
It was a set up after all

Was it going somewhere
or was it not
I might have dropped the ball

did i need you anyhow
I just thought that I’d say now

I wasted my time
I wasted a lot
I finally gave up on that too

Excuses excuses
I’m tied in a knot
I’m done, I quit, fuck you

What good are you for
you never call me anymore

that’s my fault
or is it yours
If I never asked would it be just the same

I did my time
I did your chores
who cares lets not talk about blame

you broke my heart in vain
but whose heart is it anyway

your gone
I’m over it
but somewhere its still in my mind

Another girl
effort is shit
forget it get back to the grind

maybe i’ll give it a rest...


"Creamed Sugar EP"
"Finish Him EP"
"Kaptain Killfish Single"
"It's Christmas Time and You Know What That Means"
"Finish Him II"

Set List

(Will change per night)

Mr. Cadillac
Color o/ Rage >
Next Tuesday
Sittin' Tree
Dusky Wall