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Fans of may have heard of Aaron Fisher and/or Nathan Shrewsbury of 101 Productions. Seems like they're recording every CD that comes out around here.

Well, those two cats have teamed up with another engineer, Steve Barton, to form a cool new band called Killing's Mr. Barton's scoop on the group for ya.

n2: Who is Chloe, and why do you want to kill her?

SB: No one really but, I used to work for Hustler and I saw that name a lot on adult films, and doing stock once I was in a terrible mood and I said to myself "Someone needs to kill Chloe" and that's where it came from really.

n2: How did you know Nathan and Aaron?
SB: I went to audio engineering school with Aaron... he was once of my dorm mates. We just hung out and had more in common than the other people we where in school with, and we have stayed in contact ever since then and that was almost 5 years ago. I met Nate thru Aaron he was a drummer in a band called Apparatus that they were both a part of, and I invited them to come to Ohio and play a few gigs with my old band. Nate is a party...both of them are amazing musicians. To be honest they make me nervous because they are so good.
n2: Between the three of you and your engineering skills, you should have that down...who writes the songs?
SB: Typically I come up with the root idea and show it to them and I usually allow Aaron to arrange things to fit a listener's perspective: he is very good at that. Actually Only Hope was three separate songs but Aaron suggested it become one so Nate and I made it work and I think it's a good example of how much detail can go into making a song work. I feel that it's harder to write a good song than a difficult one.
n2: A lot of people are trying their hand at recording/producing now that technology makes it possible...Got any advice for aspiring engineers?
SB: Make it a hobby not a living. It is very hard to make a living doing it. I have been working for Aaron and a small studio back in Ohio called Roadapple. You definitely have to love doing it.
n2: You're driving hither and yon to keep Chloe going right now...plan on moving closer? Or, will you continue to live in Ohio?
SB: I am staying in Sissonville at the moment and working with Aaron on Timeless Memory's album, but yeah in order to keep this band alive I have drove back and forth for the past year or so. It's very important to me that the Chloe CD comes out at some point in the not so distant future.
n2: Have you been in any other bands?
SB: Of course, too many actually. But I was in one band that was called "F" for about 4 years. I was the singer for that and the guitar player, then I retired to just guitar and got a fulltime singer... let's just I was happy with it enough to start this band. Nate and Aaron have done a lot too: Apparatus, and Thurst, and Aaron was in Gods for a short stint.
n2: Only Hope is a rockin' song, what is that song about?
SB: Thanks, that song is basically about experiencing pain in life, and that you have to find something to at least give you joy in life. I suppose that could be a lover or music or any sort of hobby, as long as at the end of your time you did something that was not negative in your eyes. Typically all the lyrics are about things that I feel but I think everyone feels them so I try to convey it in a way that someone can hear and go 'I feel like that sometimes or even right this moment.'

n2: When can we expect to see Chloe CDs and gigs?
SB: Good question, I am hoping within the next month to be playing shows the CD will be done about the same time if all goes as planned. Right now it's just when there is free time but I am gonna be down here for awhile I hope to be getting out there soon. I think the issue will be finding bands we fit in with enough to open for, although I really dig Shorthrow and Byzantine of course.

n2: Any other stuff yer looking forward to in the near future?
SB: Aaron and I have been working on a new song for about 2 weeks and have 2 others that just need vocals, then they will be ready to post but it's just getting away from the studio enough that we are excited to come back to record our stuff. Just keep checking the Myspace page. We would love to hear from people out there... - Wv gazz


Killing Chloe "2 Years Later" EP ..
Available on myspace...



The name Killing Chloe came from a period of time when Singer (Steve Barton) was working for Hustler Hollywood and was sifting through countless titles of Films that included the Starlet Chloe and sometimes at work you have days that just go terrible and the repetition just eats away at you just kinda went in your head "I wish some one would just kill her "is what I was thinking:Steve Barton.
Of Coarse we wish no harm on her or anyone named Chloe all though its funny to see that the second you set up a Myspace and Chloe,s find you they are all wanting to know why you want them dead but oddly enough they have been very supportive and a big part in helping spread our music around.When it came time to name this project that just popped up..

The band was formed out of frustration with the current popular trends in music, which were mainly metal/core and screamo bands, and failed attempts at starting new projects in Ohio. In 2005, Steve began writing music and taking it to 101 Productions producer Charles A. Fisher(bass/drums on demos) and turned demos of 5 songs into two amazing songs with the help of Fisher and close friend and fellow engineer/producer Nate Shrewsbury, who also lent a hand to drums during tracking. The seed grew into a plant, and thus, Killing Chloe became a full fledged project. Every 3 to 6 months, Steve would travel from Middletown, Ohio to Sissonville, West Virginia to record one song at a time, piece by piece, brick by brick. By 2006, 6 tracks had been recorded, and it was time for Chloe to become a band, not just a recording project.

In the Fall of 07 after countless try outs and months of frustration, a core was finally in place and things came together with a Cd due out this winter. Now, with the addition of J.P. on guitars, as well as Kevin and Brad solidifying the rhythm section, the future looks bright.