Killing Eden

Killing Eden


Killing Eden has a kick ass sound like you have never heard before. Our eclectic blend of alternative rock, screamo, funk, jazz and rap will leave you wanting more!


About Killing Eden!
KEDEN was established nearly 6 years ago. Based out of Stockton, California, KEDEN has made a steady transition from a high school jam band to a hard hitting and energetic Indi band. Harnessing a wildly eclectic style, the band has now refined their style into an intense and liberating sound mirroring THE USED and THE FOO FIGHTERS. Over the years, the band has encountered a series of experiences that have changed not only their music, but their way of life as well. Maturity is the first thing that comes to mind. This seems to be evident in everything that involves them. Even their name, “KEDEN” which was respectfully an acronym taken from the names of the founding members, has now been transformed into the bands current philosophy: Killing EDEN, Changing the perception of perfection


EP - Blood Soaked Letter

Set List

Sets are anywere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Song set;

Blood Soaked letter, Time of Need, Your hell, Lost and Alone, This Absence, Who Am I, Tell me a Story. Yes we can do covers and our basic repetoire consists of high energy music.